Saturday 29 May 2010

Dong Zen Temple @ Kampung Baru Jenjarom , Kuala Langat

Dong Zen Temple 东禅寺
Kampung Baru Jenjarom 仁嘉隆新村

Yesterday was the Wesak Day , a holiday for me...
and i grate to have this chance to visit here for once
i never been here before, i heard it from somebody mouth few years ago
is very famous temple at area here.

Cultivation Center

Floor Map for direction
Trademark of temple

landscape of herelandscape of here
inside Main Shrine is crowd
many people was queue to bath the Joss to get bless
Fo Guang Art Gallery

inside has three section of :
美术馆 Art Gallery
抄经堂 Copy Hall
舍利殿 Relics Shrine
many of the PLKN trainer is copying the scripture quitely

#can train someone to become more generous and intellect
舍利 殿 Relics Shrine

here must wear socks to feel respective to ancients

NOTE: Here the feel is too much commercial , u can come here
and feel it your own.

official site :


  1. hmm...why are there 2 cats infront of the temple?

  2. @ohmywtf i oso dunno la..juz a decoration gua

    @sonnykazu thx la...visit again la..i try update frequently

  3. I just wanna say that you are great blogger.. you can visit me