Sunday 2 May 2010

IP Man 2 @ GSC One Utama

Early in Sunday morning , head to GSC One Utama
to watch IP MAN 2

This week is Movie mania week...have both
IRON MAN 2 and IP MAN 2 release at once time...

is crazy looking those Queue at counter there before its open..
walau...really crowd in the morning...very weird for me la..

But is also crazy to me so early morning head there to
redeem my free ticket for IP MAN 2

Now showing
This movie is respond good from the previous IP Man
is has release for IP Man episode 2...maybe will episode 3 soon

Storyline based on the chasing high reputation and spirit on Chinese Wu Shu..
while this between Western and Oriental Boxing Competition

from the storyline on the Western is too ego on their boxing and
try challenge it their so called stupid " Chinese Dance"

but end up with lose on the hand on IP Man Kungfu master...
whom win the reputation on Chinese Culture and also spirit on Chinese wushu

the last word speak on the stage is so meaningful i like it..
(but not very remember on that phrase)
Guess what i get free ticket from
GSC Facebook Fan page
is the special screening ticket in green

#i do like the spirit on the IP Man kungfu Master who
championship the reputation of Whole world chinese
who look down on "yellow fella" before this

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