Wednesday 19 May 2010

ABC Ice Kacang @ Kampung Baru Jenjarom

Night Time
ABC Ice Kacang
located at Kampung Baru Jenjarom
stall is place at 福寿宫 Fu Shou Temple
Front stall show up the big big sign of "ABC"
Nice ABC in town of Kampung Baru Jenjarum
ABC Ice Kacang

The nearby Mee stall have a nice food too...
#have few choices
Curry Laksa

found out here have a lot food stall but almost nearly 60% stall is
selling Malaysian favorite food NASI LEMAK

#if other ask me what the famous food here...i will said is
NASI LEMAK but not Bak Kut Teh or other food...seriously

#but some nasi lemak is really not so good


  1. hi there..nice blog & pics...visit mine if free..

  2. hot day... i wanna have an ais kachang

  3. @suhai okok...

    @quirky haha..u can go have it at Hotel too...