Sunday 9 May 2010

My New Location - Jenjarum

Here start my internship at the place of
Jenjarum small town of Banting
on the place of Selangor Darul Ehsan

My new room and roommate
my room with fully air-condition and small fan

#will not on9 frequently since can only do so at Mcd Banting
#as me place on ...hehehe


  1. jenjarum, going there every year once... hahaha
    fuo guang shan

    nanged u. nang this if u support msia!

  2. @iyouweblog erm,yup..the fou guang shan there...very near my living place too

  3. Before this i pun pernah stay somewhere banting area, dkt Banting Baru!

    Ur lucky bcz Mc'd dah ada. Last few years, there's no Mc'd at that place ohhh!

  4. Doing internship in what field?

  5. @dilakochan yaya..i can on9 there for free as me dun hv any devices nw..

    @thomas on constructon field lorl...