Wednesday 5 May 2010

My Message to AIDSAware

13, 000 Malaysian have died from AIDS. We can be the message to slow down and stop HIV/AIDS!

AIDSAware is a project to raise awareness on AIDS and
also to collect 13,000 messages, in remembrance of the 13,000 people
who have passed away from AIDS to date in Malaysia.

You can do your part by helping to spread this message in a very simple way

With the 13,000 messages collected, a wall of remembrance
will be erected in a public space in KL. The printed photos
will be displayed on the wall in order to share the AIDS Aware
messages with everyone!

My message of WHY i doing so...


is said no to AIDS at the future time

From the statistic , many of our Malaysian have been died from AIDS..
Whom they are no willing, born-made , accidentally, no choice

They are so innocent, so create a awareness is to stop , remind ,
or WARNING giving out to other by helping them
to have a survive moment from AIDS

is grate for them to enjoy on this world normal life


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  1. LOL! No AIDS! No porn! No sex! :D

  2. @sonnykazu erm,wan more wan more..avoid nth

  3. dont muka masam lah,macam engtaukia,smile lol

  4. @cloudfly erm, serious face lar..wakaka