Saturday 15 May 2010

How Many Wiggies?

This week Project Alpha come out a new pattern of contest..
here is count how many Wiggies inside a photo
(photo is as below)
this really a fair contest on this week

not on the first 50 person on the post..
but is based on double requirement
1) write blog on the first 50 person
beside this 2) must correct guess the number of wiggies
to claim to instant cash

i count till pening edy la..

count then forget count here count there...
recount and recount for few hours
get the number of 219

hey..fren u can guess too...
just log on to and join for contest

to get urself a win of P1 bag

NOTE: i has won myself a daily prize from project alpha contest on Ruumz

Here is newest episode

Episode 22

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