Thursday 27 May 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

Yoyoyo... now showing
Toy Story 3 has been back to big screen after 5 years
from ToyStory 2 and 10 years from Toy Story 1....
Yes..a bit supporter Toy Story at here.
Be catching this since me was primary and secondary...Am i was
the real Main Character as the same with HIM...
me was young that time
and i m grow up now..
Am i try to throw out all my out-dated toy to the
rubbish bag but me still keep some of them as my souvenir..
me have another TAMIYA and AUDI car as a part of my childhood...
me still can using this as my collection...kekeke..
puting out frame on my collection car...
RM200 per car believe it onot?
wakaka..i invest all my poket money on it..
has been won about RM200 before i thk so..
second prize and third prize..
i miss my childhood!!!!!!!!

i wish to have it new toy of bookworm...he can teach me how to stack on
the book as my beloved place to stay on..steal all the knowledge from the
book and so me no need to read anymore book for my rest of uni life..


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