Friday 21 May 2010


What mostly u think when come to Adidas Brand?

Will think on Baseball , Basketball , Paintball?

Is the soccer ball
(round round the heading)

Adidas has come across few decade ago invent on part
of the sport suit ; Shoes , Stocking , Jersey , pant

and all this may come to the use at the football field
to let people play on the soccer ball

the used of shoes and stocking, jersey ,pant can make the
game more fantastic and ever champion game
is the way to express myself to Adidas as the use of its product
sometime make people feel proud of its own Quality

This Adidas football game maybe ever the great
Football meet Adidas is perfect match....

This coming years Adidas invent more and more product to make
the game more fantastic..
by come to Perfume , anti deodorant and much more

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Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. The Project Alpha bloggers will be at the Adidas Pure Game Ole KO event on Friday (May 21), from 7.30pm-8.30pm. Catch them in action!


  1. Im not a adidas supporter on the other hand my husband is crazy of footballs....heheehe! never buy adidas I dont know whay but maybe it´s not my taste...

    happy weekend!

  2. @khim adidas cool mus support..keke

  3. This coming years Adidas invent more and more product to make
    black salwar kameez
    black shalwar kameez