Friday 30 April 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

Well this week Project Alpha again come another task...
but this time i not going to fight for the first 50 valid entries
to get RM20 credit

this week i am too busy with my exam
i wish only blog what i want to blog only..
i'm tiring to do get early post again
even i m know now the post is too late edy..
P1 Wiggy is tiny shape

After every my final exam will do so a short trip for release stress..
but not available for this months..i have my intern soon..haiz..
Head to kampung village ( Jenjarum ) without internet and FreeWifi
i gonna find alternative for it..
Maxis B ?Celcom B?Digi B?
Maybe P1 Broadband

come to the past few experience on the road,
is very inconvenience to find a place on9
beside of R&R (KFC , Baskin Robin)

Is hard to find the location where to head on when lost
(wakaka....very noob navigator here)

Every time obey on the GPRS to load and load WAP
is speed like snail..make me Faint once..
load a single page of homepage even take minutes

how to load mine love useful Map-king website?
(all the direction or interest place i look for it)
#food place i concern most

At the time , i draw my map from the Wikimapia
but but some incident occur once miss out one junction
is very hard to identify from the unfamiliar route at there area
take time to round round withing the same route
the destination make far from me sometime

the alternative now , Tiny P1 Wiggy very suitable to bring it out
and on9 on the same time while drive (danger !!)
try tweet , blog on roadside,
send free SMS from mobile phone site Digi Hotlink

write blog while the rest time , by key in most useful data
with co-ordinate food travel place.

Or else someone can free me a GPS for my navigator
i thanks him very much a lot a lot

The End

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Episode 10

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  1. Lol, read more then 20 posts in this already...

  2. @kelvin haha...i m late for PA edy la..