Monday 12 April 2010

No Strings Attached

Everybody love on freedom..
Free stuff it might come too

me encouraging myself to have my own freedom and privacy..

"Deng Deng Deng" ( sound of the ring)

Now the new era of 21 century , making my life more go on freedom
as P1 Wimax has walk into my world...

YOYO..its going to have my wireless networking on
the spirit of "Potong Wire" (cut-off wire)
that means on no string is attached on either my PC or laptop no string is tied up me..

me go on wireless mouse wireless keyboard
wide-yer-less monitor , and wired webcam

Me can on9 via talking on phone..
Me can Twitter via taking a shower at bathroom
Me can fast video-streaming via taking a nap
Me can download unlimited via Thunder down-loader
(with high limited bandwidth is enough for me)
Me so can check my latest food location at my google map
and also wikimapia..

is Up-to-dated faster to me

Wohoo..all this thing are my to-do-list everyday, every-night

Some thing dream also can be-ing Dreaming surfing net
discover-ing out the new location for my next going food hunt
Even that, me can upload download my picture of the food
for references faster and smooth on the while time

Some of this , i wont less facing of slow surfing on my laptop
(its depends on which coverage area)

So far , the good thing for me the P1wimax are the wireless modem

I dont like the world of what wired wired...
it look messy at my room
i have all the electronic devices at my room..
its come around 20wires round and round on my neck
i hate it..
so i need it all go wireless...

My home theater is going to have wireless soon
My laptop is going to change a remote control on it
(my laptop is come on wireless control system..hahahazzz)

Next hoping is all my plug go wireless someday in a while
(its may now a dream but not at future)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.


  1. waseh~ gt wireless home theatre system soon ! chio ! gonna go ur house liao next time

  2. @michael ya...come visit me la..but mayb need wait till next year le la..u got free time meh?wakaka...the wireless theater not confirm yet d lar

  3. nice one!
    mine still with cables ;(


  4. @ilyani yaya..come with wireless