Monday 19 April 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

This week the topic seem to be more tough edy..
it need talk about the Grooming...some like Make-over
And Make-up...or ever plastic surgery...

It look not familiar on my sector...
i not very expertise on this method oso...

this post will be a so so lame post i think among the famous blogger.
Damn..dun boycott my blog..
i just try my best..on the best
HOHO..i just get a action3 Man version from the Adidas
when the time of Project Alpha Launching Night

i only use this plastic surgery, make-up and make-over goodness..everyday smell good whole the day
without any worries on the bad smell from body sweating..
when meeting all my friends do so without any worries...

since here is here is damn hot
and everyone suffer on the sweating while walk under the Hot sun
everyday time and even at night time..

recently, weather here quite weird on night hot than day time..
so this is mother nature matter, we cannot do wat also

Luckily come out the Adidas Action3 which with
---24 hour anti - Antiperspirant protection
---Anti odor
---Dry system ( Anti Whitening)

now the time is 4pm..and so i still can smell my action3 as well
(from other opinion)
i still another have few more hours till night time
with action3..hehehezzz

so the action3 is good for heavy sweating person

(meet with fren , guest , client without any paiseh)

here is the Project Alpha Season 2 Episode 1

host from season 1 heading to a gathering at Kuching...

here is the Project Alpha Season 2 Episode 2

jojo was kidnapped by custom..alamak..

here is the Project Alpha Season 2 Episode 3

another episode coming soon on the net today and tonight
#be updated day by day

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.


  1. opps curi idea sikit! But episode 2 n 3 they want so fast lol!

  2. @jimmy yalor.nid everyday aim the episode and post it..d...but nvm la i got watch it first hand d

  3. wow..u r good! good luck :)

  4. when will up epi 2 and 3? not one day one episod meh?

  5. @cloudfly so oli la..
    @sara thx ya..might luck follow u too
    @kelyn ya...tonight n tomolo night..

  6. No sweat when it smells nice!!

  7. @quirky ya..u may right..hehe

  8. @mr lonely yes..ok..visit nw..

  9. Good luck :)
    Hope you are among the top 50

  10. hey,how u know de title is out ya??

  11. @araleling ok..wish too...hehe

    @cloudfly erm, osiws chech check there lor..vri sien d..

  12. wish you best of luck!..u need one..:)

  13. @sara yup..sure..u too ya..

  14. wish you all the best...

    visit me on

  15. @賢諭 thx for ur visit ya