Thursday 8 April 2010

Project Alpha Season 2 Bloggers Launch @ e@curve

Good Job on Project Alpha Season 2 Bloggers
Launch with Successfully...(Clap x3)

Venue : Cathay Cineplex , e@curve , Mutiara Damansara
Time : 7.30pm - Onwards
Dress code : Casual

(but this is a past event lar)

First time for me to meet all top bloggers in a once time..
so grand happening there

#me dont like to take photo with those bloggers..
Because i dont like using their name to help promote on me

normal dialog will appear after event:
"wah so grate , can have a shot with XXX bloggers" not really like it..

but but me have a chance on :
Watch movie in the saw hall
Take escalator with the same time
(they being my body guard as once..wakakak)

See this Adidas Action 3 logo as the border line on floor
Preview Lounge
(guess who u spot on the photo?)
Adidas Action 3 For Women
(White bottle for those like whitening women)
YES me have my two goodies bags
inside have :
Adidas Action 3 For Men (Black Bottle)
Adidas Action 3 For Women (White Bottle)
RIMMEL London Magnif'eyes Mascara (Red Color)

Food Of the night...

#like most on the Chicken Baked Bao (Shao Bao)
#dislike on the Meehun ( like stick)
Next on to Special Screening on Kick-Ass
A Superhero movie
Some illegal take scene from screen wakaka #projectalphamy

Watch the 2minits++ launch video on project alpha

after that, start on Movie Kiss Ass

A movie about a college student who wan to be a superhero like batman , superman
he also a lonely guy..hehezzz
he very upset on the country people scare of the trouble
after this, he decide to buy a costume on it..
B a real superhero rescue the world..
But after that he just realise is not easy to b a superhero..
not only to voice it out but not action any
he catch in trouble in an incident which cause him nearly to die..
But in some way , bring out of the meaning that nowdays is less and less
people will concern on another who is in too bad.
is really need a brave and strong person to control the world..
Keep hoping on cop? die faster la..

movie is not bad, funny ,normal storyline
but some words is not sensor it out..
dunno somewho will not comfort with it onot?
Who know about it?


  1. you got go also.. so nice to be in KL hor.. haha =)

  2. @kenwooi tis so happening event must go lar..wakka

  3. syok. You rub shoulder with all the famous bloggers there ya . Jealousnya

  4. @smallkucing erm,jus a visit face oli..not till rub shoulder so close to them..

  5. wow so nice.. congrats!

    am in penang, cant go.. :(

  6. Is the movie very violent?

  7. i sat at H14-15 :)

  8. @ilyani thx ya..erm,is nice is nice..come come kl more happening
    @kelvin erm,for me is ok la..but it still vri violent..over then ninja
    @henry cool man..u sit at my bec only..congrat yo u get black berry

  9. omg Nikel! I don't know you went there!
    I sat at H13-14!

  10. @baboon yes me there see u d