Saturday 3 April 2010

Love on Itunes + Bass Headphone

Hey Hey Hey..its me morning again with my headshot
seem nowaday is very busy moment..
the onli thing entertain me is on the Music while busy my stuff
I m Enjoying my Boom Boom ( Techno) song now
with my 5 years old extra bass headphone..wakaka

I do love this two music player
1 ) Itunes from Apple
2) Sonic Stage from Sony
Itunes which can link me with my on-d-way iPhone system
Sonic Stage which can link me with my current Sony Walkman

Both make my music entertainment more fun..
its boost up my bass addicted as well with my headphone..hehe
My noob Bass Headphone + Surround Audio System on my HP laptop

-20dB maybe is not enuf for future..wakaka...
And so with Full HD surround audio System on laptop.

the headphone price can do check at coming PC fair...but me this is an old stuff
the HP laptop price..i thk is drop till FOC product edy...
HAHA..i do crazy on my music entertainment..the only Personal entertainment
emm..secretly tell i do have few music player to fit my ear's Stomach
some time i do make remix on my own...

Yesterday, accidentally pick up a RM20 Sony Voucher..
What to do?
Visit it on 3D Show at Mid Valley later hope can claim my earphone
also have a look on the price Sony X300 X500 Headphone price..


  1. The itune is very good indeed but i just hate it for copying all my music files and wasted a lot of my hdd space. Anyway, i have not tried sony stage since the itune comes along with my mac... :)

    happy searching! maybe i'll see u during the pcfair

  2. @henry both are powerful music player..try it la..keke..okok..hope see u in pc fair