Monday 5 April 2010

My Favourite Sport

Wohoo..i catch the first hand news on the
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Today the title is going on my favorite sport..


look like i so sporting...sure a lot my favorite sport d..wakaka
(lame joke)
(Hopefully can list out all in time while rushing time on first 100 post)

HAHAHA>>>if eat is a sport then definitely i have a lot of sport experience..
so far i had eat for 22 years..and wishing to going on eating experience for another
NN years eat for for for sport...

One days no eat...u can...
Two days no eat...u maybe can..
Three days no eat..u cant said can..
Four days no sound edy la..
Five days no eat..other ppl said u can die liao la..

( creation from me non-sense not follow brain thinking d)

(now going to claim EAT as a sport from unknowns what organization)
Eating dumpling (Bak-Zhang) while waiting my Bak Kut Teh at Klang

OK....come to serious part le...Hot Air Balloon...
YES>>>i like this sport...but me lack of financial support..
so cant play on it..cant "tumpang" on other people balloon only
its cause me to minus my one favorite sport..sad sad..

Or else go shop buy a small balloon den tie it all 10000+ together maybe
can lift me up and not lift me down...
i think it's not costly then hot air balloon production..wakaka..
Hot Air Balloon at Putrajaya

Paintball = Pain really a painful game if try before on it..
u can feel it..feel it is pain...
no pain no gain..keke..
but this is also an expensive game is better ever than hot air ballon
100 bullet = RM20
1000 bullet = RM180
if me one day being a boss..den maybe can afford to play every night time
i like night game as well..keke..
(wearing an infrared helmet..damn combat)
Paintball game at Samsung Corby Carnival,
Sunway Extreme Park

Coming on the cheaper game then paintball...Softball...
(look alike baseball)
is very cool feeling when holding the bat and hit the ball
all the audience is waiting ur hit on the ball
(the feel cant describe...only the player know about it...)

Is very happy when hit the ball up to high sky..
all the audience is clapping hand and shout "RUN RUN RUN"
and gain one point when reach the base...
But is shame when hit no ball in a single bat...
all the audience shout on u also..but in different mood..
" Lousy lah..Lousy lah..bec home..."
(something like that)
Softball match at my uni

OKOK..back on the cheaper sport..Running or Jogging..
I was very noob on this sport la...
me seldom get training on it..
but I do love this sport..cause is the cheaper sport i can get..
Even i wearing a normal cheap cheap sport shoes..
i do can run for it..

Run for few round on PJ..will cause you lost about 130Kcal

u know why?

while running u need to do extra step....cover up your mouth n nose
to avoid your face become black in color
(vehicle is a lot here and the exzos all around pointing on us)
Tiger Run at Jaya One

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  1. Wow... a lot of fun with the games :)

  2. @quirky a lot..but lack of time to play hard on all

  3. My fave sport is eating too lol. I may have the toughest set of jaws in SG~

  4. @kelvin yes..we are gang edy

  5. DOTA also consider sports ma, so dun worry

  6. @seon long time no dota activity le..wakaka..dun1 come bec find here kaki meh?