Saturday 10 April 2010

Bangkok Masala @ Millenium Court , Petaling Jaya

Back from Millenium Court Petaling Jaya
Section 14
( known as Piccadily)

Lunch at Bangkok Masala
#actually is same with Piccadily

#why me there for lunch not dinner?
Normally there is only for supper time
I prefer lunch there coz of during lunch time people was not crowd
Important is on the food serve time is quick

Seafood Fried Rice

Mushroom Bruschetta

#this time d taste was different from me first try
Grilled Chicken Chop
Lost RM25.85 from pocket again

#but is really full at lunch , right time for me to take nap..hehe


  1. Mmmm... the food looks very good!

  2. @quirky erm,not look good only is realy good d..dun go at mid night crowd d..wakaka

  3. picadilly was a great place to hang out....i used to go there last time...their chicken chop was cheap and tasty...and their beer tower ONLY rm50

  4. @kumfye yaya..agree too..the beer is cheap there

  5. the Grilled Chicken Chop so cheap?
    Mushroom Bruschetta looks yummy! :D

  6. @henry ya..tat is price listed inside receipt no cheat..keke...u can try mushroom bruschetta with ur luck la..tis time me no luck..

  7. Mushroom Bruschetta looks yummy P:
    Pepperish taste? o.0

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  9. @jping ask jingzhi bring u go eat la..sure delicious d..