Friday 23 April 2010

My Dream Destination

this week i has been blog twice about Project Alpha Season 2
its has been start screening on this week onward whole season
has been release..Episode one by one, day by day

since that..i every night stay tune on time at 12.15am
to catch the new fresh episode on my laptop
while me read my book..
#my study week now lor..quite sad

this time i need to blog about My dream destination

I do love travel especially the place full with other culture habits
such as Perth , Alaska , Russia(north pole)

while this , interesting place at Malaysia
such as Kuching , Kota Kinabalu ( Mount Kinabalu) , Sandakan

i do love travel on all this place is not because is famous as
so many my friends has been there..
by seeing those nice photo via Facebook thru broadband
but is for my own experience on the different living culture
beside always stay lone at West Coast Malaysia
here is always city ,town ,city, town

you not feel like very boring living in such environment
with pollute air breath in everyday..
#i think this is one the factor make me so stagnancy
so i would like to discover more on more
to make move my brain run smoothly
to avoid jam on the half way..(be old while young)

by how, the other place is living on different region
the air different , people different , lenglui (girl)different
and so on many many different..

the most headache different while travel is the currency rate exchange
this is so trouble while making all the booking,shopping,visiting

here is the new software make travel easier
what is so user friendly used?

you can explore all the cheap package price (flight + accommodation),
real flight time, flight ticket price , hotel rate...
plus , here can booking all online in one-stop-click..
its save a lot of time by just do visit the travel agency

the most must try is the trip planner
it can make your travel trip more working
(as many my fren owis talk n talk and non of them flying out)
the platform there can easily link u to the price and date
#this will reduce the delay planing on all trip..
#i like it very much

wohoo...make me feel like wana plan for my next travel trip now
ook..checking flight ticket available compatible with my holiday
do this via

is so sad...the flight price is going high on the nearest date
i just can plan for my next trip after 2011...haiz..
too bad is very busy is period time.

here is episode of 4 season 2..wohoo..

here is episode of 5 season 2....yiippy

here is episode of 6 season 2....yiippy

here is episode of 7 season 2....yiippy

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and


  1. now my dream destination would be... i dont know lah.. =/

  2. @kenwooi wakaka..thk n thk

  3. My dream destination would be where there's lots of delicious food..... like penang and ipoh hehe.

  4. @quirky hometown pulak..penang..

  5. o0625TaylorJ_Duraz oooo

  6. wuuu... i've only travelled in semenanjung malaysia only. never been to sabar or sarawak. :(

  7. @aidi-safuan buy mas airline first class go kuching the best lol..keke