Thursday 15 April 2010

Ice Kacang Puppy Love @ GSC Tropicana City Mall

Another Local Malaysian Movie By famous singer Ah Gu ( Ah Niu)
Must watch movie..keke

juz bec from Tropicana City Mall skip the jam at the peak hours...hehe

Now showing
Ice Kacang Puppy Love
(ice kacang = snow ice)

is a very localize typical Malaysian movie,
such a lot of the scene which related to our normal living lifestyle

some out of Hokkien , Tamil , Mandarin , And so Hakka spoken language.

have Kopi O , Ice Kacang , Barley Ice and Fried Kuey teow
(yes...all this of food is famous around Northern region of Malaysia)

Proud to be Northern Citizen

I do love it Ah Niu director the Video-ting technique
every scene have its own role to bring out the
"Kopitiam life" or childhood life to audience

good good

is different from Wohoo..but same HD quality movie..keke
Credit to GSC cinema and 五光十色

#must continue read my book le..abandon for whole day


  1. I would love to see this, I think I would probably learn a lot about the culture :]

  2. @惠佩政萍 ya...i noe is damn great movie d..u watch dey?

    @liang yaya..the movie bring out all the malaysian kampung culture

  3. eh so fast u watched already?! i wanna watch it tooooO!! AHHH!

  4. @wen pink ya...i watch first hand ma..keke..cant wait to watch it..

  5. @iverson nice la...jeje

  6. wah ahniu movie..... sure nice. But gary chaw = koyak.

  7. @quirky huh...gary not bad with this role pun..keke