Friday, 30 April 2010

Porridge Time @ Tropicana City Mall

Porridge Time

Tropicana City Mall , Petaling Jaya
nearby Damansara Intan

Had a stop after my second last paper exam
Construction Management

Make me feel like #ProjectManager quote from Mike

back on time,
increase portion to my stomach again..wakaka
before faint die after the last paper
Old time signboard

#backdrop black with yellow and red word...
Oriental food join a trend of fast food

#let this put up thumb for Non-Halal food...Hooray!!
( this case sensitive for my some my reader...forgive me)
Porridge's Menu

NEW ATTRACTION : Giant Prawn Porridge 生虾粥
waiting for someone treat me..
Shredded Chicken Porridge with Century Egg

Farm Frog Porridge

Bill on RM16.70

#stomach full now....need catch book worm soon

Another Branch on :
Asian Avenue @ Sunway Pyramid Mall


  1. Nice porridge =D i long time no eat porridge liao...haha

  2. @hpility yalor...but sometime eat till dunno wana eat wat at outside lor

  3. Anonymous11:49 pm

    didn't know there's a branch in tropicana.. :D

  4. I wanna to try this too... Looks yummy :)

  5. @shirleen at Lower ground there...infront of post office and entrance from carpark B1

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