Tuesday 26 June 2012

Sakae 荣 Sushi & Teppanyaki @ Juru Autocity, Penang

Sakae 荣 Sushi & Teppanyaki @ Juru Autocity, Penang

When time I back in Penang during CNY this year, I and my family were visit to this Sakae Sushi, formerly known as Sakae Teppanyaki, to have our brunch. After undergoing an extensive refurbishment of Sakae Sushi Teppanyaki, they now offers a wide range of sushi dishes and teppanyaki. Now, the new signature contemporary and stylish ambiance will catch an eye of you. While that, I read through few review made, mentioning that some of the dishes served are only found in this outlet, and there are an impeccable range of live seafood like live lobster, seabass and oysters. Too bad, I  missed the season, no oyster this time.
Well, This was not the first time I visit to Sakae Sushi. Therefore, you may visit here, here and here to know what I had wrote previously. And this post will more on food photo. Hope you can enjoy its max.
 Front desk cook -  watching the skillful Teppanyaki Chef preparing your meal before send to you.

Trio Ebi Maki  海老虾卵卷  RM5.99
 Tiger Prawn, snow crabstick & shrimp roe
Jyo Unagi 精选鳗鱼    RM7.99 x2
 premium selection river eel
Inari 稻禾  RM1.99 x2
 sweet beancurd skin
Edamame 盐花毛豆  RM1.99
 green soybeans sprinkled with salt
Tamago 玉子  RM1.99 x2
 Japanese Omelette
Sakae 荣  RM32.90
Breaded chicken cutlet with Japanese curry, grilled scallops with codfish roe accompanied with salmon teriyaki. 
 The curry was rich in flavour, and its best to consume with a bowl of white rice.
Ikura 鲑鱼卵  RM7.99
salmon roe, my favorite 
Salmon 鲑鱼  RM9.99
Ika (5pcs) 花枝  RM7.99
Soft Shell Crab Hand-Roll 软壳蟹手卷  RM5.99
Potato Salad 薯泥沙拉  RM3.99
 mashed potato with mayonnaise & vegetables
Fried Hotate  香脆带子  RM3.99
 Breaded scallops
Tamago Mayo 玉子沙拉  RM1.99
 Japanese omelette, shrimp roe & mayonnaise
Chuka Lidako  日式小章鱼  RM3.99
 seasonal baby octopus
Ebikko 海老卵  RM3.99
 shrimp roe
Salmon Mentai 明太子鲑鱼  RM5.99
 salmon with codfish roe
Teppan Cheezy Chicken 铁板芝士鸡肉  RM11.90
 chicken with cheese & mayonnaise
Spicy Lidako Maki 香辣章鱼卷  RM5.99
 seasoned octopus, shrimps roe, crabmeat, Japanese omelette & Japanese chili flakes
Ikura Chawanmushi 鲑鱼卵茶碗蒸  RM5.99
 steamed egg with salmon roe, chicken, ginko, crabstick & mushroom
Soft Shell Crab 软壳蟹  RM13.90
Ebi Tempura 海老天妇罗  RM15.90

Address : Sakae 荣 Sushi & Teppanyaki 
1815-B, Jalan Perusahaan
Auto-City, North-South Highway
Juru Interchange
13600 Prai, Pulau Pinang
GPS : N05 20.269' E100 25.702'

Business Hour Mon-Thu (11.30am to 10pm) & Fri-Sun (11.30am to 11pm)

Tel : 04-508 0268

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  1. squid ? i thought those are butter fish ?

  2. Froggy restaurant! haha! =P

  3. I love Sakae. Just had it yesterday :)

  4. lama tak makan sushi. tonight's dinner at sakae!


  5. wah...yr family kuat makan pun!

    1. @eunice Not really la.. Got 6 persons ma..

  6. there is Teppanyaki session at Penang, how good!

    1. @choiyen Huh? But we din take Teppanyaki..

  7. wow that's alot ! :D so yummy

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  8. i havent been to the one in auto-city! would it be nicer? =DD

    btw thanks for the like! u deserve my constant visit! =DDD

    1. @henry Em.. If compare with KL branch, I know there is no different!

  9. this round no froggy appear? LOL

    1. @kkf this round private visit no froggy edy.. hehe

  10. the trio ebi maki looks like a mohawk ;D