Friday 29 July 2011

Sakae Sushi @ The Curve Shopping Mall, PJ

Sakae Sushi @ The Curve Shopping Mall, PJ

Read my last visit, I have long long time not visit here. But after get convince by one of the Sakae Sushi all-time supporter, I get myself ready for this visit. Well two months ago,  i had done my food tasting session with Sakae Sushi . I found the food are improve on taste. This is truth, you can see that by looking on the food i ordered. Its is the special dish.
Curry Katsu Don  日式咖哩鸡扒饭 RM12.90
Breaded chicken cutlet with Japanese Curry & onion 
Kaisen Kamameshi 海鲜锅烧饭  RM17.90
 assorted seafood, shimeji mushrooms & green soybeans
 By looking the size of scallops compare with chopsticks, bigger size right?
Salmon Mentai Sushi   RM5.99
Salmon with codfish roe
Chuka Idako  RM7.99
 Seasoned baby octopus
Salmon Ikura  RM5.99
 Salmon & Salmon Roe, garnished with spring onion
Edamame   RM1.99
Green soybeans sprinkled with salt

Location : The Curve Shopping Mall
G45, Ground Floor,
The Curve Shopping Mall
No. 6, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, 
47800 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan, 
GPS : N03 09.610'  E101 36.796'

Business Hours : depending on mall operation hours
Tel : 603-7725 1172
Fax : 603-7725 1173

Website : Sakae Sushi Malaysia

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  1. Hi Nikel... long time I didnt visit this site... hehehe... I love sushi huhuuhu

  2. wow...the scallop real big. Must have been real yummy

  3. this place getting more expensive jor!! >:

  4. ooo green frog place. XD can eat once in a while, but if everyday, very fast pokai. Lol!

  5. @Azham Hi, The best way to taste out Japanese food is thru sushi.. Very unique rice with fish

    @smallkucing Ya.. Very juicy as well.. I like it..

    @Medie007 Ya..agree that.. the price has been raise a little more

    @issac Haha.. once in awhile wont cost you badly d.. I agree will pokai soon if everyday nice food..

  6. i'll always eat at the bangsar village 2 outlet :P

  7. @ken There is a outlet nearby u at the curve too.. wakaka

  8. Making use of your RM50 coupon? haha. I have yet to use it. waiting waiting waiting :P

  9. @mich Ya.. recently wan to clear all the coupon get from merchant.. some going to expiry.. Haha.. redemm yours one soon.. to cure some sushi toxic..

  10. When i dine japanese, i'll go for sashimi n unagi :)

  11. @merryn Ya.. I like that too..

  12. wah... so many food u eat ar???? i love ur blog wei.... i miss d food wei...

  13. @engtaukia Dont Miss Malaysia.. Your Friends Going there accompany u already... Haha

  14. what is the exact taste of green soy bean? mind reply me on twitter? thanks :P

    and first photo curry katsu don is cool! haha I like those fried food on top of the rice style XD

  15. @kianfai Ok.. NP.. the curry katsu is nice.. do make your try soon..