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The Giraffe @ Meru, Klang

The Giraffe @ Meru, Klang

A Giraffe is superbly adapted to exploit a food source that is out of reach for other hooved animals. So here at The Giraffe, they want all food lovers out there to be able to enjoy a diverse taste of food. Complimented by their cosy environment and friendly service crew, they are sure to make this place feel just like your 2nd home!
Committed, passionate, and all wild about food, music, & art they bring you The Giraffe, Home for the Food Lovers!
Sofa with colourful and comfortable cushions, making it look like a HOME! I like their homey family concept. Person who doing it and creating it must be a man who loves his family too, I believed.
Giraffe in the middle of the restaurant, makes me think twice where I am located now, Giraffe park? Kids' playground? or restaurant, whatever it is, it never eliminate surprise!

Apart from the awesome food they have for you, The Giraffe also provides an avenue for music & art lovers to gather. Believing that life is more than just food, they here at The Giraffe want all their customers to be able to express their love for music & arts with no limitation. They would constantly seek to bring you the latest music and arts events here in town. So do check them out from time-to-time! 
Need a spacious place with fresh air? Move your butt to the outdoor seat, and finally I think I know why the restaurant located at a less obvious and quiet street, so that the customers can enjoy their meal perfectly without interruptions. 
With a global range of food from Asian to Western, they have designed their menu with a special twist to the taste. From salads, burgers, grills, pastas, to noodles, rice, & pancakes, they are sure to be able to satisfy all their different customers’ desires. Did I mention to you that Porkie is one of The Giraffe’s best friends? Yes! You can find almost all their food range has a pork choice for your delight. Most importantly, they want to offer healthy food for the great you! 
(Front)  Traffic Light Solero Smoothies 红绿灯冰沙  RM9.90
(Back) Grass Jelly White Coffee Blended 
白咖啡凉粉冰沙   RM7.90
The traffic light solero smoothies was successful catch my sight on that night. As it was a special drinks dipping inside an ice cream. From the first sip, the drinks was very sour and it may help you open your appetite for next coming course. After being awhile, the ice cream started melted and the drinks was not sour anymore and its just nice drinks with your meal or other.  
Aloe Vera Cooler  芦荟冷饮  RM5.80
Carrot + Celery + Tomato + Kasturi Lime
胡萝卜+芹菜+西红柿+酸橙 RM8.30
Root Beer Float 雪糕麦根沙士  RM7.50 
Lady in While (lychee) 荔枝口味啤酒  RM13.80
A homemade flavored beer. Very unique as it does not come with too strong beer taste and more to fruity taste. Very kind suitable for ladies who are not a beer fan.
Umbra + Sour Plum 红毛甘那 + 话梅  RM7.50
French's Alpes Salad  法式沙拉  RM12.80
Country style salad with tuna, boiled egg, capsicum, anchovies, tomato wedges, olives, cheese, parsley & tossed in homemade mustard dressing. I have my bite into freshness with their crisp, refreshing lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes.
Roast Chicken Wrap 烧烤鸡肉卷  RM11.80
Shredded roast chicken wrapped in flour tortillas with lettuce, tomatoes, eggs, melted cheese, mustard dressing & served with chips. 
Tuna Prawn Tart  吞拿炸虾塔  RM11.80
 butter tart skin topped with homemade tuna mayo & prawn
Margherita Twist  玛格丽达薄饼  RM4.50
mozzarella, tomato, garlic, oregano,olive oil
The portion enough for 4. An ideals starter to share with friends. 
Pork Belly's Good to Go  香脆猪腩肉片  RM14.80
sliced pork belly served with homemade mustard mayo
Honey Mustard Chicken Wings  蜂蜜芥辣鸡翼  RM11.80
 Fried chicken wings tossed in honey mustard dressing
Teriyaki Pork Belly  日本照烧猪腩肉  RM13.90
 Japanese styled grilled pork belly on skewer
Mint Lamb Chop 薄荷羊排  RM15.80
 grilled new zealand lamb shoulder coated with sweet minty sauce
The Giraffe's Chef Pasta 主厨特色意粉  RM13.80
spaghetti with chef's secret recipe red sauce, cooked with pork bacon, mushroom, black olives & pork crouton
Burgundy Chicken Chop 芥辣鸡排  RM13.50
 grilled chicken accompanied with french style Dijon mustard sauce
Hawker's Style Char Kuey Teow 大排档炒粿条 RM8.80
 stir fried flat rice noodles with bean sprout, cockles, egg, chive & prawns
Piggy Pork Burger  猪肉堡  RM15.80
Their signature blend of mince ground pork patty grilled to perfection with smoky bbq sauce, pickles, melted cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato & served with fries.
The Giraffes Townhouse Burges Stacko  叉烧三文治  RM36.60
Triple stack juicy "char siew" sauce minced pork burger with smoked bacon, cheese, tomato & lettuce. The portion is great for 2 to share. If you still thinking not enough, you may add on coleslaw salad, sliced streaky bacon, fried egg, sauteed mushroom, cheese and patty size up at a minimal charges.

Flavoured Hot Chocolate Lollipops 热巧克力棒棒糖  RM7.50
How to taste it?
Step 1 : Choose a chocolate flavour lollilop  选择口味
Step 2 : Stir it into the mug 搅拌
Step 3 : Hug the mug with both palm hands 双手捧着
Step 4 : Smell it 闻它
Step 5 : Taste it 试它
Step 6 : Enjoy it 享用它

Chocolate is not just about taste, it is a symbol of contradicting emotions & sensations.

At the end of this meal, I can conclude that I don't have any regret to know this place although this place was kinda far from where I am stayed. Instead, I truly recommend you to come here and have a try, I bet you will like it too as I did.

Address :  The Giraffe
L4-1-2 Jalan Pekan Baru 34, 41050 Klang
(Behind Klang Parade)
GPS : N03 03.850'  E101 27.319'

Business Hour : 10am - 12am
Tel : 03-3341 8933

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