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Koh Lipe 3 Days 2 Nights Trip @ Thailand

Koh Lipe 3 Days 2 Nights Trip @ Thailand

Koh Lipe Thailand - one of the most beautiful islands at the Tarutao Marine Park and currently one of the most sought after places for island lovers. This small island sits at the Southern most part of the marine park and the name Koh Lipe (pronounced Lee Pay) comes from the local sea gypsy name which means Paper Island. Koh Lipe is also known as the Maldives of Thailand as the waters here are amazingly crystal clear while the unspoiled beaches are donned with pure white sand. The paradise is also known by many other spellings such as Koh Lipeh, Ko Lipey, Ko Leepay and Ko Lipe. Source from Malaysia Asia

For transportation, you may refer Getting to Koh Lipe Thailand for more information.

During last CNY, me and my family were travel to this Koh Lipe island. Heard from many of other, everyone also impress on their cleanness sea and beautiful coral. All of the good comment were brought me and my family here for 3 days 2 nights trip. I was not regret to scarify my CNY holiday just to follow this island trip. Super like of this island.

Day 1
After settled all immigration procedures and custom declaration at Malaysia-Thailand border (Wang Kelian), its took us another 1 hour to reach at Pakbara Jetter from the border. Around 11am (local time +7),  We reach at Pakbara Jetty and waiting for speedboat board us to Koh lipe for another 1 and half hours. During the journey to Koh Lipe, we were stopped by at Koh Kai (Kai in Thai means egg). Last time, here was a favourite spot for sea turtle to lay their egg. There were our first impression of Koh Lipe. Crystal clear water in front of us and immediate get touch on this crystal clear water.

Reach at Koh Kai (egg island). It is a beautiful island which very unique with a large tone archway made by nature. Before this, stopped by at Koh Tarutao, due to extra charges so everyone were not step on the beach. Its has super crystal clear water at here. Most of us like it! But too bad, they just gave us 15 minutes to visit this beautiful island. Before leaving this beautiful island, I get myself a portrait photo. Love it!

Our first meal in Koh Lipe at 2pm (Local time). Its was a fabulous meal after 1 hour journey from Pakbara jetty. While Tomyum is yummy although its so spicy. Tempura prawn is good too. Something highlighted here is we have the most prawn in this meal. Good!  

After the meal, we checked in into our room and have a rest. Around 6pm, we have our free and easy time to explore around Koh Lipe. Below was the photo I taken while exploring the island. I like most the photo. Blue sky and clear water.  There are only one main street in this island, walking street, everything can be found at here such as souvenir shop, restaurant, cafe, bar and convenient shop. This place will be more happening at night and have joy all night.

After several minutes exploring the walking street, we done our dinner here and details post will coming up soon. At the first night, we actually fly our own traditional lanterns (Kong Ming Deng 孔明灯) at the beach here. Its brought our wish and dream into sky. 

Time to getting it fly!

Day 2
We were wake up at 7am (local time) and head for breakfast at the resort cafe before depart for snorkeling. After an hour, we were gather at the beach waiting board on long-tails boat to our destination, best snorkeling spot, Koh Rokroy, Koh Jabang, Koh Rawi, Koh Yang and Koh Hin Ngam. Cant wait it for another time, Very great experiences of this.

Arrived at Koh Rokroy. Its has very clear and clean beach. At here,we were taught how to secure our goggle when snorkeling without any issue happening during in open sea. I quickly get myself suit on the goggle and immerse myself in the water. Nice!   

Koh Dong
Koh Jabang
Its believe that there are range of doft coral reefs which is claimed to be the world class beauty. Jump into the sea and enjoy the sea water. 

Koh Rawi
There are rocky beaches, wild forests, high hills and steep cliffs. I found the sand was white and soft, water was so so clean and clear. Jump into sea and take water.

Koh Yang
At here, we fed fish with some bread and its appear surrounding us. There were pack of different kind of fish and coral can be seen easily from the boat. Clear deep water. 

Koh Hin Ngam
The island with beautiful stones. It's quite unique since there is no sandy beach here, but stony beaches instead. Some of them believes that if you successful build a 12 tones alone tower using this rock will blessing you for the following year. 1 stone = 1 months from the legend.

And the last snorkeling spot was located behind of this rocky island. The coral view at the bottom is so amazing as the coral was in huge size and grouping. All the coral are alive and not the died white coral. This is my favorite spot, this place is very suitable for scuba diving. Very pretty coral view at the bottom. After this, we heading back for bath and dinner.

This was the last night at Koh Lipe. We spent lot of our time at walking street for buying souvenir or taste their local delicacy. I found this "Tsunami" evacuation route sign. This is so good for having this kind of facility.  We had enjoyed this trip very much.

Things to take note before visiting Koh Lipe Thailand
  • There are no ATMS there
  • The nearest ATM Machines are in Pak Barra jetty or Langkawi jetty
  • Some businesses on Lipe will do Credit Card Advances at 5%-8% commission
  • Foreign Currency can be changed at most resorts but at terrible rates
  • There is only one Immigration Hut located at the end of Pattaya Beach next to Bundhaya Resort
  • A local Police Station is also available behind the Immigration Office
  • The only way in and out of Koh Lipe is via Ferry or Speedboat
  • There are no taxis or cars on the islands
  • Do not participate in Fishing Trips as it is illegal
  • There is only one small clinic at the local Chow Lay village called Topoe
  • A helicopter landing area is there for major emergencies
  • Visa on arrival over land or sea is only 14 days for foreigners
  • Alternatively, you can do a visa run to Langkawi, Malaysia and back within a day
  • There is a small local church available in the Chow Ley village
  • Ko Lipe Walking Street is 80% closed during off season
  • Room/chalet rates start anywhere from US$12 right up till US$250 a night
  • Boat timings are crucial to and from Lipe. Check the low and high season timings
  • From May until November Koh Lipe can only be reached from Pak Barra jetty
  • Read about Getting To Koh Lipe

*I found this was very useful tips. Therefore I copied this from Malaysia Asia for sharing purpose. 

Official Website : Koh Li Pe

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  1. Hmm, never heard of this place before. Must check it out.

  2. I been there last Raya...
    Low season and Thailand Flood..
    Koh Lipe also flood...
    But the view, best~~~
    Ppl there, rude abit but still peace....
    I will go again on peak season....

    1. @bean serious? flood over there.. luckily i not there..

  3. Saw it from Langkawi during my visit to the Geopark... seems like they have a nice beach. I'm leaving to Phuket in 10 days...

    1. @TZ em.. ya.. beautiful view there..

  4. I love reading holiday posts...they are such lovely and happy reads,

    My July trips are Merang in Terengganu and Chiang Mai. Meanwhile till my trip arrives, let me reread your post again and enjoy all the pictures.

  5. I like to enjoy seeing the crystal clear sea water but nit touching it as I scare of it >.<

    1. @choiyen Same here.. I love to jump in crystal clear sea water..

  6. Beautiful clear blue color sea huh? Food looks fantastic too. By the way, any beautiful chicks sunbath nude tak? :p

    1. @thristhan KEKE.. by that time, I din see any ya..

  7. lol? how long ago ahh?><

  8. More people are going Koh Lipe since last year, even from your photo it seems crowded but the scenery is to die for. I can live forever there forever *faint*

    1. @hilda Haha.. that time I go was Malaysia PH, confirm crowd.. MALAYSIAN like travel to THAIland d..

  9. Why no go around at night? hehehe Madagascar 3 review

    1. @Tony There have nothing there at night, except beer time!

  10. Thailand.... I will visit you for longer trip next time.

    Meitzeu @ Blog

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    1. @meitzeu Haha.. Waiting ur post!

  11. hmmm the fried stuff really looks tasty! :D

    1. @kkf But i dunno why their fried stuff is so cripy than malaysia one

  12. want to ask smthng.. how much cost for snorkeling?price are based on person or we have to chartered one boat? tq.~

    1. @F Depending on which location for snorkeling. Normally will charge based on person, somehow may have charge per boat.. Kindly refer to their desk for more information..

  13. Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!
    I love here Hotels in Surin Beach This hotel is very nice clean and the people are friendly. VERY nice hotel with helpful staff.
    And I really love white sand, crystal clear waters at Surin Beach too.
    Thank again.

  14. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Amazing post on holiday..!!
    I learn some interesting things through this post,you would doing a great work on this post..!!!

  15. ou’ll probably also see turtles and blue spotted stingrays. If you really hunt for them there are also vast amounts of critters camouflaged on the reef and on the sea bed like mantis shrimps, garden eels, pipe fish, stone fish and scorpion