Friday 22 June 2012

Lleone's Pizzas and Such @ Subang Jaya , PJ

Lleone's Pizzas and Such @ Subang Jaya , PJ

Hanging out with friends around Subang Jaya, and coincidentally found this pizza specialist shop near to the wet market. It is formerly the Wings Cafe. Despite the non-strategic location, I decided to give it a try since I was craving for pizza. 

Besides their specialist pizza, they are also selling quite few types of beer and handy beer food. So it is not only suitable for lunch and dinner, but also nice to chill up with friends for high tea and supper.

Stage for living band, ensure the guests to have a entertaining and happening night. Besides, they also accept private function and event to be carried out in the cafe. A good idea to throw a birthday splash here with nice pizza and a birthday song from the live band perhaps. 
Banana Milkshakes  RM7.99 
Kicks start the meal with some chilling drinks, one of their signature banana milkshakes. Nicely made with the smooth and creamy texture, with the strong flavour of banana. Banana's lover will be sorry to miss this out.
Oreo Milkshakes  RM7.99
Oreo Milkshakes is one of the public lovers, the cream mountain on the top makes it so sinful, yet so tempting.
Coffee Milkshakes  RM7.99
Soursop Frizzie  RM6.99
I like the idea to make it colourful with fruits and nata de coco, by the way, the version with blackcurrent flavoured is more recommended.
3 Tier Iced Chocolate  RM6.99
Vanilla Floats  RM7.99
To promote healthy diet, most of the foods in Lleone are cooked using extra virgin olive oil, secure ladies' slim body and also man's healthy! Time to showcase the drooling foods on the night.
Brushetta  RM9.09
The Brushetta is nicely made by using Garlic, tomato, basil and extra virgin olive oil. The bread is freshly baked and toasted to perfection, so I can get that satisfactory crunch with every bite. Simply comforting.
Croquettes  RM9.09
A handy snack indeed, Croquettes means fried mashed potatoes filled with salami, mozzarella and sprinkled with parsley. The breaded skin is very crunchy, but I am more in love with the melt-in-my-mouth mashed potatoes! Dip in their homemade chilli sauce to enhance the flavour.
Stuffed Zucchini  RM6.49
Tickle your taste buds with their garden fresh zucchini stuffed with smoked mozzarella coated with deep fried breadcrumb. I was surprised by the generous flowing cheese in between the zucchine, makes it so cheesy and flavourful, truly reflects the essential feature of Italian cuisine.
Buffalo Chicken Wings
RM7.14 (1/4 dozen) / RM12.99 (1/2 Doz)
The sauces are infused into their carefully selected Buffalo-sized wings and come with a nice sercing of rich & tangy tomato salsa. This is one of the recommended beer food, very nicely deep fried till golden in colour, the crispiness of the chicken wings is simply undefinable until you have a bite on it too.
Cajun Chicken Wings
RM7.14 (1/4 dozen) / RM12.99 (1/2 Doz)    
Another version of deep-fried chicken wings, where the flavour is stronger. The marinade was very well done, let the every inch of the wings flavourful and give a hint of spices. 
Lasagna Verdi  RM15.49
 Layer of pasta, bolognese, herbs and white sauce
L'leone's Special  
RM20.79 (Large) / RM29.49 (X-tra Large)
They have around 20 flavours pizza, you will definitely be spoilt for choice with their range of delicious offerings, inter alia, the L'leone's Special is one of the must try. It is a tasty assortment of Cajun chicken, mushroom, onion, capsicum and salsa. 
Dev's Delight 
RM20.79 (Large) / RM29.49 (X-tra Large)
Dev's Delight is a classic twist to the traditional pepperoni with capsicum, mushroom, salami, garlic and chili. The crust was not too thin, but sufficiently provides some crunchiness and chewiness.

In short, the choice of beverages (other than variety of beers) are quite limited, and there is room for improvement for the drinks. However, their foods are quite satisfying, I especially like their chicken wings and pizza. Erm, I bet my meal will be ended better with a dessert? Humbly suggest them to add desserts in the menu =)

Address : Lleone's Pizzas and Such
48, Jalan SS15/4, 
47500 Subang Jaya 
GPSN03° 4' 511"  E101° 35' 274"

Business Hour : 12pm - 1am
Tel : 03-5613 3112

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  1. Oreo milkshakes! me love!!! :D

    1. @XueRen My all time FAV DRINKS>.

  2. cajun chicken wing! yum yum!

  3. large and extra large only? suit me bro! :D

    1. @KKF Em.. their pizza size is like that only.. in future, maybe will get more special size!

  4. Love their buffalo chicken wings much! And also the stuffed zucchini! :3

    1. @caroline Same! Will back there again with discount coupon.. wakaka