Thursday 28 June 2012

Birthday Feast Marathon @ 1 Utama Shopping Center, PJ

Birthday Feast Marathon @ 1 Utama Shopping Center, PJ

Today is my girl's birthday, how to pamper her on the special day? Gonna celebrate and rock it by starting a marathon birthday at One Utama. Our first station is Nando's, since she was craving for nando's for long time and I got a RM50 cash voucher by chance, so we are here in Nando's for lunch.

First Station: Nando's 
The Nando's in One Utama is really big and spacious to cater large amount of people, indoor and outdoor seat with green's view are available.
Crimson Cola  RM7.90
Enlighten her birthday by a special drink in Nando's menu. A Crimson Cola is special beverage which infused with sweet and punchy pomegranate that enhance Coca-Cola's caramel notes and garnished with pop-in-your-mouth pomegranate pops.
Peri Soup  RM5.90
Complimentary Peri soup, different from normal mushroom soup outside, it is more pepperish and spicy to reflect the "peri-spirit" of Nando's. Nice to open up the flavour. 
1/4 Chicken with 2 sidelines  RM16.90
The meal for the birthday girl, with Peri chips and coleslaw. She enjoys it a lot, especially the fries with peri powder and the crispy roasted chicken. She loves spicy, but we ordered mild spicy level, too bold to try on the extra peri for first timer. She satisfied the roasted chicken and said it deserves the reputation, haha.
1/4 Chicken with 2 sidelines  RM16.90
My meal with Peri Corn and sweet potato, yeah, nothing to shout for the corn, it is the way too common and I expected it to be special a little bit. The sweet potatoes is quite surprise to me, cooked with various spices and herbs, make it spicy and flavourful.
Second Station: Hui Lau San Hong Kong Dessert 许留山港式甜点

We were having our high tea with dessert in the famous Hui Lau San. 
A photo of us at Hui Lau San. Sweet mango desserts and sweet people! Do I look like Monkey King (Sun Wu Kong)  in "Journey to the West"? I found my talent in acting. 
Mango Romance 芒之恋  RM12.90
The Mango Romance as birthday dessert. I like their mango dessert, because it is never too sweet, no extra sugar added, but derive the natural sweetness from the fruits itself. Pure and healthy. 
Third Station: Hokkaido Gantetsu Ramen

Went into Isetan to look for good Ramen as dinner. I was shocked by the shouting among the restaurants to attract customers. Wow, it is really competitive.At last, I chose Hokkaido Gantetsu Ramen, because I have tried the Menya Mushashi before. So I decided to give a chance to Hokkaido Ramen today. 

Gantetsu Ramen is originated from Hokkaido which was established in the year 1008.

The Traditional recipe, natural resources and top grade ingredients from Hokkaido, such as miso, soya bean sauce and Japanese salt merge to form an extremely delicious and authentic taste of their signature "Great White Soup". With their Motto being "To Be Persistent and to not Compromise in Providing Outstanding Quality and Taste". They are the numerous Grand Award Winner in Japan.

Gantetsu Ramen is defineitely a Taste to remember and Truly makes them a different from any others.
It was Friday and the restaurant is not too crowded. The wooden design and furnitures provide Japanese traditional feels to the restaurant. The waiters standing out front of the restaurant will greet and welcome you loudly in Japanese when you step in the restaurant. OMG, they are so passionate people.
The menu is displayed outside the restaurant.

KING Charshu Tonkotsu  RM27.90
King Charshu Tonkotsu means extra Charshu and eggs are added to the Ramen. The waiter told us that there is no ajinomoto added, they only use pork bones and chicken to perfect the soup. So the soup is thick and taste sweet after long hours boiling. I like their Charshu which is tender and flavourful, the thickness of the Charshu was just nice.
Hokkaido Miso  RM22.90
My girl's Hokkaido Miso. This is the normal portion without extra meat and egg, girls should go for this portion. The soup base is equally good with a hint of ginger. The noodles itself is springy.

Deng~ Two of us with our Ramen.

Fourth Station: Meet Fresh 鲜芋仙

Heading to Meet Fresh to enjoy desserts after dinner. The dessert house is located in a quite hidden and remote alley in the mall. Erm, I am not really expert in describing the exact location, it is just nearby the famous Candylicious, have a walk there to find out yourself lar.
It is a place best to linger over sensational traditional desserts. The taro and tofu desserts, and the herbal jelly are all made from recipes originating from a typical Taiwanese farming family. The desserts are handmade on a daily basis using natural ingredients only to reflect the spirit of "Meet Fresh".
Contemporary and comfortable design in Meet Fresh, nice to have a seat here and chit chat with friends.
They modify the UFO thingy into rectangular shape.
Herb Jelly with White Gourd Tea 冬瓜仙草冻  RM4.90
The herb jelly and white gourd is good to wash down all the grease from heavy meaty meal, very refreshing.
Mung Bean with Honey Bean + Brown Sugar Glutinous Cake + Pearl
绿豆冰沙配上花豆+黑糖粉粿+珍珠  RM6.50
The brown sugar glutinous which looks like "Malay Kuih" is extremely good to chew on, I like the fragrance from the brown sugar. The Mung Bean ice is good too, I bet it is made from very dense and thick green bean soup, so that the texture of the ice is different from other Taiwanese desserts house, it is more to the green bean flavoured ice cream potong, every mouthful is flavourful. And I have to mention that Meet Fresh is never failed to give generous portion of toppings.  

I hope she truly enjoy her birthday by having a food feast marathon in One Utama. Happy Birthday again to my Dear!

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  1. WAHHHHH...Sedapnya makan!

  2. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Impressive. A real food marathon!

    1. @lifelittlestory Haha.. Excellent planning..

  3. fuh! Makan the entire day!

    1. @Merryn Haha.. Food feast mah.. of course eat whole day!

  4. hhaha must have been a great day for your gfren!

  5. Wah!!! Seriously all in one day??!

  6. I think u force her celebrate her birthday like this, these seem like more suitable for u, haha lol

    1. @choiyen Haha.. No.. We both like that way!

  7. How many meals ah???? Happy Belated Birthday to your gf

  8. wahhh! so much nice food u had in one day eh! =D

    1. @xueren Hehe.. U also can d.. not fat pun..

  9. Hi Nikel,

    Bom Dia & warmest greetings from Nando's Malaysia!

    We're hope both you & your girlfriend have enjoyed your meal with us & we hope to see you again soon.

    & & please wish your girl a happy belated birthday on our behalves =]

    Peri Regards,
    Marketing Department
    Nando's Malaysia

  10. walao, both of you must be dam full . . . me oso will bloated XD