Thursday 21 June 2012

Soi23 @ Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, Kuala Lumpur

Soi23 @ Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, Kuala Lumpur

As we headed into the year's most celebrated season, the usual fare offered by many restaurants in and around the city centers is almost the same. Among the similar choices that can be found, why not try something a little bit different from the rest by visiting Soi 23 at Pacific Regency Hotel Suites?
Perched on a hill just opposite the famed KL Tower, Soi 23 is a hidden gem on level 23 that is found in a boutique hotel; Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, Kuala Lumpur. Serving Northern Thai influenced cuisines; Soi 23 has over the years garnered rave reviews among its critics and had won several awards to date. 
Perfect dining setting on the table with the romantic dim lighting, not a bad idea to have a romantic and warm Ramadhan  buffet with family here!

For the month of July, an array of sumptuous traditional Malay menu injected with a dash of Thai culinary flavors prepared specially by Chef Suphakit Khammungkkun, you will be hard pressed on which you should start with. As a rule of thumb, it's always good to start with something sweet to whet your appetite.

Start with some juicy kurma and quench your parched throat with a refreshing Sirap Bandung or a Soya bean drink. Next, dive into their hot Tom Yum Udang soup, it's clear, spicy taste will definitely fire up your taste for more. A specialty of Chef Suphakit, you would be sorry to miss it. 
In between, be sure to make space for some Kerabu Mangga Thai, Kerabu Perut Thai, Paru Lembu Goreng Sambal with some Iakan Pekasam, Telur Masin and more. 

Kerabu Mangga Thai, Kerabu Soo Hoon Dan Udang
Hot Dishes
Once you're on the go, it's time to get serious. Be prepared for some hot, spicy dishes like the Ayam Kari Hijau Thai. Daging Rendang Lecah, Ikan Goren Tiga Rasa Thai, Sambal Sotong with Petai Thai, Kangkung Goreng Belacan Thai while served with piping hot steamed white rice joined with a variety of 'ulams' and an array of spicy sambals would make the perfect meal! 

Hati Goreng Kicap
Ayam Sira Merah Daun Bawang
Ikan Masak Lemak Dengan Terung Pipit
Kambing Rendang 
Ketam Masak Lemak Cili Padi
Udang Kalio Bungan Kantan 
Daging Goreng Kunyit
Daging Rendang Lecah
Pucuk Manis Lemak Putih Dengan Keledek
Kacang Panjang Goreng Dengan Tempe
Kangkung Goreng Belacan Thai
Ikan Goreng Tiga Rasa Thai
Sambal Sotong Dengan Petai Thai
Ayam Kari Hijau Thai
Action Station
Be sure not to miss their action station serving choices of Ikan Bakar prepared for you on the go, Kambing Panggang with Rosemary sauce and Assam Laksa. Other fares such as the Ketam Masak Lemak Cili Api, Kurma Kambing Berkentang, Hati Ayam Goreng Kicap, Daging Goreng Kunyit are also served for those who still seeks the more traditional fare. 
Asam Laksa
Sate Ayam & Sate Daging
Pandan Chicken
Thai Pineapple Fried Rice
Fish Cake with Thai Sauce
Kambing Bakar Dengan Sos Rosemary
When you start to realize that all the hot food is starting to overwhelm you, cool it down with a bowl of the simple yet deliciously colorful Ais Kacang. 
Tapai Ubi, Tepung Pelita, Tapai Pulut, Seri Muka    
Kuih Lapis
Assorted Dessert
Sago Gula Melaka
Bubur Keladi

Pengat Pisang
Here go with my meal of the day
Thai Ice Tea
My first try of  Thai version Ice Tea. The colour of Ice Tea was very different from our local version Ice Tea, Its colour more to orange colour like carrot juice. And also, the taste was slightly lighter than local version one, but indeed the fragrance of the red tea make me irresistible to have more sips on it. A good cold beverage to go with hot Thai cuisine.
Asam Laksa

Price starts from RM78++ during the first and fourth week. However, the price goes RM88++ during the secong and third week of the promotion. Seize this opportunity for something different on their food offer while dine in the comfort of their stylishly furnished Soi 23 that offers an expansive view of the city's skyline. This restaurant seats about a 100 guest, so be sure to make your reservations early.

The promotions beings 21 July to 18 August 2012 for dinner from 6.30pm to 11.00pm. For reservations, please call +603-2332777 ext 6807 or email them at

Address : Soi23 (Level 23)
Pacific Regency Hotel Suites
KH Tower, Jalan Punchak,
Off Jalan P.Ramlee.
50250 Kuala Lumpur,
GPS : N03 09.187'  E101 42.329'

Business Hour : 6.30am - 11pm
Tel : 03-2332 7777 ext 6804

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