Thursday 25 March 2010

Room To Let

ROOM To Let Here

Most students are used to stay in hostel during their school life.
The reason is the rental fee is cheaper than renting a room outside.
I m a student who used to stay in hostel as well, i have spent my 3 years uni life in hostel.
Undeniably, i enjoy the hostel life by living with so many people.
Having fun, chit-chat, eating, sharing and interacting with so many friends under one "big roof".

However, there are some inconveniences created by staying in college.
sometimes, i feel i lost some freedoms..
residents in college (hostel) are prohibited to go out after 12am.
prohibited from having fun, stop us from having supper outside, and even to catch up a midnight movie~
so sad..

thus, there is an idea always pop up on my mind when i feel boring with the hostel life.

shall i move out for a better and comfortable environment?
to have a proper living room, which i can sit down and watch my favourite TV without "rebut" with others?
to have a small and nice kitchen, so that i can enjoy the meal prepared by my loved one?
to have a personal toilet and bathroom, which is clean and not dirtied up by others?
to have my own room own space and own privacy without disturd by others?
to have my own freedom, would not restricted by any rules and regulations, so that i can go in and out as my wish?
to have my small space so that i can decorate and design it as my wish?
maybe there will be a little balcony for me to enjoy the moonlight some more?

ya, it sounds so wonderful~

recently, i found out some website which provided some reliable information about room to let.
i have doing some survey on it, and i found out there are some cheap and nice room to rent.
for anyone who interested to move out from hostel, come and take a look, grab the golden opportunity to have your room!


  1. Hi, your topic remind me too during study time. Miss a lot the experienced.

  2. @nebular hehe...tat is all from student opinion ma

  3. mmm... student days.. carefree and can go mamsk till 3am.. how i miss those days.

  4. @quirky wah...go mamak till 1am oli la..but nw no more money

  5. "privacy" "choose a good study environment" "freedom" "and yam cha!" =D

  6. @kenzo u privacy at shared room..make noisy to me oli..freedom of course of night outing la..wakaka