Tuesday 2 March 2010

Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 1

Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 1

Is a half year ago, when it first launch this project alpha season 1 at Mid Valley.

With so grand launching event, it attracts most the people to asking "what is that?"

Many non-blogger members are start finding its truth on it...

Many of them are start review on this project alpha on a positive way

Luckily on the day of launch, i can still catch its chance to watch its launch but i just only get in to the ending of the event...wakaka...

Its left only placed Playboy icon there, And a Lamborghini car with few model as "rabbit" costume..It successful launch with multi

Visitors step into the first episode project alpha first online TV interview with Malaysian bloggers.

Conclusion it has a good response from the floor human. it like famous TV program nowadays

ONE net ONE Malaysia!!!!

It’s come with the famous TV host name jojo struys in all episode interviews.

This is one and only project which belong to famous Malaysian bloggers at online TV programme.

It shows how to success on their blogging life and even their unpublished living life, unpublished said, and unpublished story in the way of the blogging life. Some of them are showing their own true living style compare to what has been seen in his/her blog before this. Hidden part of their life will turn into the sky for us to see...so wonderful...as me like to know more how other people feel this world..Everyone has their own life

Each of the episode, its interview on about few bloggers which well-known in blogger world.

Some of them are multi richer too. i do like the part when till where they talk about the hidden life.

All of them blogger's hidden living part are sound interesting and attractive to me.

Some of them make huge money throw a few word come of their mouth only...I am very jealous of them

Why do they can make people so kind to give them huge money for a talk only?

The motif for me to continue blog more on my life is can make money thru blogging...keke

This program is funny to watch. As me who like comedy of course like it very much

Project Alpha Season 2 will premiere on April 19, 2010, and you can catch the show on www.projectalpha.com.my when it airs. You also can get the latest news about Project Alpha on Facebook now @ http://facebook.com/ProjectAlpha.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS


  1. cannot wait for the season 2... should be better than the first.....

    SK-II OK Ke???

    Duit Sekolah Anak

  2. @sharing ya...long waiting it

  3. hhmmm... if got more lenglui then sure support watch it.

  4. @quirky of coz lenglui lor..

  5. I foresee Project Alpha Season 3 will feature Kinky Blue Fairy lol

  6. @simon i wish too..kekeke

  7. good luck! :)

    @Simon, I agree!