Sunday 7 March 2010

MPA1 & MPA 2 @ First Residential College , University of Malaya

Is a big event once a year organize at first residential college
MPA1 placed Dewan Tun Perak , First Residential College

Theme :Fairy Tales Night (童话之夜)

3D backdrop

Me with my dearest
Table of 17 To Night Menu
(Spaghetti ,Garlic Bread,Sausage ,Salad,Potato,Dessert)
My totally Lucky number 0438 ,0390 with a hamper

MPA2 placed Putrajaya International Conventional Center ,PICC

Theme :Gllitter & Glamorous (迷人的闪亮)
My photo
Grand Decoration of Dewan Perdana
my lucky number 1323 , 1324 and souvenir

#no wining prize
tonight menu By EDEN Catering
1) Deluxe Four Seasons 四季富贵
2) Szechwan Hot & Sour Soup 四川酸辣汤
3) Roasted Chicken With Sesame Seed 芝麻烤鸡
4) Stir Fried Prawns With Black pepper Sauce & Crispy Noodles

5) Stir Fried Mixed Mushroom With Water Chestnut & Mustard Plant
6) Steamed Red Talipia Fish Thai Style 泰式蒸鱼
7) Eden Fried Rice With Chili and Dry Shrimp 炒饭
8) Chilled Longan with Jelly 龙眼汤

detail refer to menu
Few photo only
(haha, which take photo along a walk-a-way out hall)
Raining Night

#Camparison MPA1 MPA2 de Food and price of RM100 is 1:80
lost of RM20


  1. OMG... now only i know that you are still studying.. UM sumore.. -.-''

  2. Um...The pics are kinda small..Haha

  3. @supia hehe..yaya.

    @jfook u can click enlarge d..hehe