Monday 15 March 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

I like surf net...but is not surf at beach side..
plus i dunno surf on the ocean wave by flat foam...

is me surf net thru my loving HP Pavilion laptop..hahahaha

By what?
Maxis Broadband?? Celcom Broadband?? Digi Broadband??
AMAX WIMAX? Streamyx ( Streamyx unlimited)??

Maybe is P1 Wimax...Hopefully the coverage here is expand to me here..
and the package is lower price then now and i'm afford subscribe.
As me still using free wifi service..hahazz...still student ma..

YES..back to own topic..

Mostly i on my laptop , the first thing to do is going to Mozila homepage
iGoogle my homepage website..try
check my Gmail. Next thing , on my blogspot "NIKEL KHOR"
. then is on my Facebook to check other
status..but not updated my status..hehe..i seldom do that on my
Facebook activity. Another this is on my Facebook mini game..
play till bored..hahazz...

Myzone did u hear it before?
but me use to visit the this is the one page i visit before Facebook
appear to me..

Support Malaysia networking lei....

While time, go on to check latest blog.
hehezz for free Movie tic or maybe latest happening event

After this , is on my 24 hours ON MSN services..check my Hotmail.

Once in a time , draft my blog for another coming soon activity.
and so plan thru my next going destination thru Google, Wikimapia ,
and so other blogger opinion about the places...

hehe..finaly, is my last activity on net on the day.
reply comment on my blog , and blogwalking to other
WANTED blog page.

KY -
Azwan Ali -
Niki -
Nini Ahmad -
Chessie -
Shao Lin Tiger -
Joe Lee -
Jojo Strut -

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS


  1. fyi, your myzone link broken..

  2. lol.... spelling wrong only lah LOL

  3. @supia okok..i change edy..thx...

    @tony hehe..careless mistake..

  4. For the time being I've to depend on my university's wifi which is.. u know quite "good enough" . Let us $$uport each other.. ;) wink2..

  5. p1... hope will get coverage at my area in the future.

  6. @biznurse wakaka...i experince what u experince before..keke..damn slow speed..

    @quirky more p1 supporter

  7. Nikel, good luck!
    Btw, knock down one of your nuffnang advertisement..$$ is on the way =)

  8. @rabia hehe..thx u back d..

  9. i dun trust PI... i dont even know what's thats for and im not gonna post this just for rm20... cause i anti P1 so much! ahahahaha jk jk

  10. @henry okok...dun so upset..i understand ur situation

  11. Do you receive this contest invitation thru email? I've read some of my friends posting of this kind.

    Anyway, good luck ya!!

  12. good luck....azwan ali oso shortlisted ...i didn't notice that

  13. @khairi yaya..i receive email d...

    @posh76 hehe..okok..wait u thr