Sunday 14 March 2010

Pizza Milano @ One Utama Shopping Center

Last Thursday evening,get receive Edwin d sms.
As everybody know what is happen again.
He is official organize another BM-kia KL's Gathering

Implied " he dun1 alone on his 22 birthday"

Most attendant were from Cheras , Ampang , Bangi and even Serdang

#edwin is so so famous lor
Meet at Pizza Milano @ One Utama Shopping Center

#the Perfect Choice

Its a great ideal held at there...his all time favorite>>>Pizza
Milano Pizza 's menuWhile waiting...
Pollo Italiano
Pizza Tuna DelitePizza Margherita
Pizza Hawaian
Pizza Americano

#Take camera also "bo-lat", too hungry liao..hehehe..jokes
small slide cake from Secret Recipe
Edwin is enjoying the fun we gave him..wakakaka
Spicy Flavor cake,he ate it in one pieces lol
Here us
Group Photo with Birthday Boy
Is great
RM92.55 of debt bill
Next stop Murni Discovery, @ Sunway Mas Commercial Center
but is too late for them who come from far,
is time for all fly back to own nest edy..

Waiting for next sms...Edwin planning lei...


  1. friend! u just enjoy eating! =)
    will take chance to visit this shop!

  2. Yummy... pizza lots of cheese..... i likeee!!

  3. @baboontan yaya..keke..i enjoy alot on eat d..

    @quirky hehe..cheese lover too..

  4. i hate the service there! sucks!

    not compassionate on kids at all..
    force me to step out of their shop, just becoz my daughter who was only 5 eating burger. The worst part is they cancel my ordering that i have made, and make me pay for my drinks!

    will not step in there again!

  5. @yogalife got such thg? but u make complain on them better la...but it sound not reasonable for only a 5 eating burger...too bad this service but the food i noe is not bad too