Sunday 28 March 2010

Full House @ Nui Ze Xui, Ara Damansara

located at Nui Ze Xui, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Full house = not full at all during this Earth Hour 2010

#not crowd here Earth Hour is here gather with my fellow friends..
This year are not going to hill top for see twin tower off its light..
(is such wasting time crowd jam at there for its only last for an hours event)
Outerior of Full House
fully decoration with an classical house
Ground Floor on its
First Floor

#is the place who every girl dreaming to have this room as their room too
Very Cute Menu on description of Full House Story
Full House Toaster
Alfredo Spaghetti 阿尔弗雷多意粉

Sliced chicken and shitake mushroom with rich cream

#cant eat much will fat d..(point to rich cream)..
but is delicious with rich cream..
Schnitzel Breaded Chicken Cutlet 香酥面包屑鸡排

with french fries and garden salad
Nasi Lemak 仁当鸡腿椰浆饭

with cucumber, peanut,sambal,fried egg and chicken rendang
Wok-Sear Chicken Chop 招牌鸡排与黑椒葡萄干酱

Grilled Chicken Thigh Served with Mash Potato,
daily vegetable and Black pepper raisin jus Apple Juice 苹果汁
Soda Blueberry Peppermint With Sourplum Pop 蓝莓薄荷酸梅苏打
Mango Grape topped with Green Apple Jelly 芒果葡萄爽Here we 10 Person
(we here One Malaysia Gathering Actually...we come from few places)

Mini cooper car : one of the significant icon of the FULL HOUSE
Bill of the day : RM214.30

Next Place Head to Piccadily , Section 14 for second round
Blossom Blueberry

Is another Successful Gathering With 10 attendance-es
Congrats and Credits to Hong Keat and Edwin
well done both organizer + co-organizer


  1. Quite expensive though :)

  2. @jfook still ok to compare with those high class restaurant at bangsar there lor..hahha

  3. i never go leh :s i want go !! hahah

  4. @coerlly go for gps and den go there..but i suggest go sunway there d..

  5. LOL...Full House din support earth hour? xD

  6. @tony yalor..there vri quite ppl shout abt this event pun..

  7. d food price thr is kinda high. i think most ppl (esp females) opt to go thr mainly for d ambience n snapshots =P

    though nt crowded, it is fullhouse nzx that keeps nzx msia at least some peeps visiting

    nice earth hr u had.

  8. @jayleo yalor..mainly for take photo shot oli..

  9. i try once the jalan yap kwan seng outlet...i am damn dissapointed with their service there...the service i paid not the service i get...

  10. @kumfye wah..wat wrong tat outlet disspointing d..we shuld get more then what we pay ma..keke

  11. Ah ic, the ara damansara outlet looks bigger. Oo...they have got a mini minor there too.

  12. @quirky ya..i thk tat bring fren go there better then other place..keke