Monday 8 March 2010

I Just Love Good Smelling People

Good Smelling credit to doggy or puppy, but not heard it before is for Human...
wakaka..but i wish also to have a try on it...
Maybe for somewho is so naupathia , but may the who is not me lah...
Actually me is the one whom like to try a new thing on this world...
Shutter Space ride , Superhero , Supernatural , etc
(all currently is still construct on my night dream..haha)

Somehow maybe once a day in TV can pass smell message to audience in 4D way?
no one know about it revolution in future day.
Now is on the way to have 3.5D TV show or Movie..
why not on 4D..but is need a time

but for sure is only few months only on a new series of Project Alpha Season 2
Which may link me to smell on those people or friendly call "Featured Bloggers"

They have a most attracting smell on me..

KY - for food smell
Azwan Ali - for funny actor smell
Niki - for trend smell
Nini Ahmad - for excersize smell
Chessie - for latest trend smell and fashion
Shao Lin Tiger - for photography and food smell #porkgang
Joe Lee - for hunt entertainment smell
Jojo Strut - for beauty hunt smell #wahaha

all is very much influence on my blogging time..
once the also to have a entertain on me when me bored while read
some of long-longer blog with no straight to point d..

is that really relie on smell for making life better?
is that really a change with the variety of smell?

please log on to for more info
or follow on me for more info updated..hehehe
(but before this i wish to have smooth Internet to watch it first)

(try P1)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS


  1. I do love smells but not strong ones...not garlic and onion smells...

  2. Oh, this is a contest?? Why everyone blogging about this?

  3. @me hehe...i love all smell...except shyt smell..keke

    @supia erm,tis is a promotion

  4. nice smell is super steamy.... like fried chicken or nasi lemak.. hehe.

  5. @quirky wah...ur said till me hungry edy la..hehe

  6. hello nikel thanks for dropping by my blog :)

    those r some good blogs u have there mate; most of them r on my to-read list!


  7. @thinking yaya..okok

  8. I like to smell good. that's why I wear cologne sometimes. :-)

  9. @erwinator hehe...yaya..smell the good for better quality

  10. Promote for what?

  11. @supia promote for new lauching project alpha season 2 lor..hehe

  12. wah.. The Rock wannabe ar.. smell smell.. XP

  13. @lijo wat the rock is cooking...hehe

  14. Haha! I see some post for alphaproject. I thought you don't want rm20? The price is only 20 maa..wink..wink..hehe =p

  15. @rabia hehe...any xtvt can earn money d..i oso want..

  16. ur sense of smell is very different hahaha

  17. @allison hehe..of is different and special..