Sunday 21 March 2010

Malacca Food Trip

Heading to South - Malacca
Malacca - State of Historical
Listed at UNESCO world heritage sites

Let's being , 2 days 1 night trip

(nice place to stay in malacca/melaka?)
Is very hard to look for a cheap nice motel in Malacca..
Last discover this , near to town + cheap + nice environment

#Hotel not count, i cant afford yet..kekezz
Fenix Inn 凤凰旅舍
Jalan Merdeka
#Is cheap compare to hotel, but its similar to Hotel environment

#recommended from nikel khor
万里香 Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup
Jalan Ong Kim Wee

Take All You Can Eat, Pay All You Ate
,Only one stick for RM0.50,Red Mark stick for RM0.60 buffet style but not buffet price..
try preserved egg on the blue plate..not bad

ate about 20+ sticks , is so full stomach with Satay sauce ...
Dataran Pahlawan, St Church Malacca, A Famosa
Menara Taming Sari

#Climb the oldest staircase there..
located at 河边River Side
take some night view scene


#Take so much picture there..Test my camera function onot..keke
Ixus95 best friends..hahazz
next stop ;Dragon Door Inn?

#Definitely nope..
鸡场街 (Night Market)
Jonker Street / Jonker Walk

#available at Friday , Saturday , Sunday only

A lot a lot stuff having here
discover out some new toy..kekezz

#Have a look here lar..
Jonker88 大宝小食

#is closed , too bad..its Durian Cendol is gone
Something Happen after this
Sold Durian Cendol d shop

#faint up with its service attitude, YES i m que-ing on the line
but end up me being shouted by their worker/boss..please que-up..
is Shyt!!!

# is your workers ask me go front a bit d good name good face is gone..
Shout me in front so many ppl..other will think me is wrong for Jump the Queue


#Is not manner to their own customer, maybe they
only put their eye on bank note, not on their customer..

#Please take note other , dun1 you be the next

#i wont step in this shop after this

#back to food , here d cendol just a normal bowl of cendol
(Maybe they can cut-off the rm0.20 for take away,
encourage more people to take away..
as inside shop is too crowd)

*not to earn the extra money in case of customer dun1 wait for the seat..

Geographer Cafe

#famous Jonker point of Pub Cafe
三叔公 San Shu Gong

step in 钱中国 Lao Qian Ice Cafe
榴莲 Cendol Durian Cendol

#its make the Durian into jelly cube, taste more excellent
taste not alike other normal Durian Cendol

文龙美食街 Medan Makan Boon Leong
Jalan Bunga Raya 武牙拉也街

豪煎 Deep Fried Oyster famous local delicacy

#is queue long for it..take me 30 minits
#is worth to wait for a delicious food..
#Key point is on the oysters is deep cooked on it..
haha..dislike on the raw oysters

亲切餐馆 Restorant Ole Sayang
Jalan Merdeka

Lunch on Nyonya food,here is one of the famous,
better to have a reserved table before step in..
Pong Teh Chicken , Sotong Goreng Asam ,
Terung Goreng Sambal

#taste good,the dish is clear on the plate..
#add point on the banana rice bowl..make rice more aromatic

next trip ;鸡饭粒Chicken Rice Ball ,薄饼Pop Piah

#to avoid long queue on the toll plaza , decide to left early on it..


  1. oh stay celup! heaven! =D

  2. @kenwooi hehe..go go satay celup..

  3. Chendol with gula melaka! Woohooooooooooo!

  4. Malacca,oh! Malacca,i was there for 3 long weeks but busy working.
    Nice food review,if only i could read a few days earlier,anyway i managed to eat my favorite duck mee somewhere before Tengkera and roti john and ayam golek at Tg Kling.

  5. @tony yaya..durian cendol the best..hehe

    @thomas wah..i duck me i hear it before..but dunno d location..

  6. Anonymous10:42 am

    Didn't managed to have the 88 cendol when I was there...

  7. planning to go there this weekend:)

  8. yum yum! Maybe u should pop by Malacca someday!

  9. sorry! is maybe I should pop by someday! lol~

  10. hungry!!

  11. @nikeez same too bad..haiz..go nxt time pun

    @pying yes..u go there can have a try on my way..hehe..

    @dblchin yaya..go thr eat n see..much diffrent there nowadyas..

    @ohmywtf erm,go drive to malacca and eat all this..keke..

  12. Slurrpp.... cant wait see chicken rice ball review!

  13. @quirky erm,it take some time la..i nid plan wan vocation trip lagi..kekeke

  14. yup...u went to the correct place for satay celup....jln ong kim wee's the best....but must be early birds to avoid eating ppl's saliva...haha....cendol in jonker street...oh gosh...i miss it alot....esp wif gula melaka....did u go to the chicken rice dumpling?awesome too =)

  15. @mindy yaya..i go early at 5pm..erm,din go for chicken rice ball..that time is full with nyonya food le..nxt time try it

  16. i just want satay celup...looking at this at the wrong time...damm!

  17. walau ! nice oi ! bo jio !

  18. @taufulou go eat la..vri near nia ma...hehehe

    @michael liao u pun cant go d la..go sg lembing lagi syok..