Monday 22 March 2010

No Sweat

YES..i m sweating all the day..

The days begin, i sweat at early morning at 7am,8am.9am..
What was me sweat for?
Erm,laying on bed is too bad for is without any cooling system
short term in on very save money here
is make me sweat a lot may be of the Hottest world temperature increasing..
or i am located at the center of equatorial planet...

i do sweat after 9am,10am,11am,12pm,1pm..
Erm, i am taking on "my own regeneration car system" to me move around
that is ME walk walk around that time..during the hottest hours in the day.. is pedestrian as you may be seen me walk around before in the KL town..
or may be i will walk around during mid-night time..that time sure me is on the dream..
so don not disturb me as me will be shock den my soul will run away from me..
is sad to me if my soul run...i wont be away for a quite few moment..

after a break on 1pm...i continuous to 2pm,3pm,4pm,5pm,6pm,7pm,8pm..
walking me sweat a sweating is because of the
JOKES from the damn cold on it..
all time to be like that because is too stress as we are a lot assignment
forcing us to be finish in the shorten time we have on it..

Another sweating period is on the time rest at the night...
ALAMAK..why all is going for crazy at night moment...
because of the stressful in the day time..
IS sweat sweat sweat to me
some they are doing out-of-imagine thing in front of me..
DO i have to follow their way to relax myself..
YES..sometime will do so...but i need spare out my private time
with my private dating person too...hehehezz...

so my life is damn damn busy schedule..after the 8pm,9pm,10pm,11pm,12am..
the moment is to the done all my stuff in front of my loving laptop..
erm,blog,blogwalking,fb,and myzone...looking for project alpha updates all time..
my HP laptop is too hot..make my body start to sweat..
(i fully ultilise my laptop usage..sometime overheated)
make the my whole room is hot as in the evening time..haiz...
have to use Adidas..

after 12am,start laying on my bed dreaming about many thing...
billionaire billionaire on my dream...
and even the cash cash bank notes fly in front of my eye...
when catch again cycle for my day...
Is morning again...hehehe...

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  1. so that's how you pass ur day =P

  2. RM20 for u too! ^_^

  3. Hi,
    Wow, that's quite exhausting. Wonder if you ever have measures how many liters you lost your sweat everyday ;)

  4. @krazy so so excited onot?hehehe

    @chenta yes..but not yet credit to me..

    @bizznurse hehe...maybe is in tonnes dy..wakaka

  5. Hmm... sweat is good for health but not good when near girls... keke.

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  7. @quirky sweat is so use adidas new product..wakaka

    @bizz ok..thx..i seen vri busy on time la..see got chance onot..

  8. Chill dude... if you sweat during your sleep ... just sleep naked.. blek~
    This will cool you down a bit ... :p

  9. @tz owis slip naked..but still hot..wakaka

  10. all the best for the entry! ^_^
    come check mine too


  11. @ilyani okok..check it out