Friday 20 April 2012

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen @ The Scott Garden, Jalan Klang Lama, KL

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen @ The Scott Garden, Jalan Klang Lama, KL

There is a universal misconstrued belief that organic food is just bland and boring. In actuality, organic food is full of flavour and taste. Because organic produce is not covered in synthetic pesticides and chemicals, it is thus higher in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. More importantly, eating organic food not only promotes healthier living, but also boosts one's immune system to fight diseases naturally. On a global scale, going organic also nurtures a less toxic environment for all living things.

At  Chef Lim Organic Kitchen , organic vegetarian eating and delicious cuisine go hand in hand. What sets this place apart from other establishments is the use of unqiue ingredients. Not only is organic produce delivered fresh to their doorstep daily, but they also do not use recycled cooking oil. To pique the palates of their customers, Chef Lim fashions his own sauces that cannot be found in other restaurants. 
The fundamentals of Chef Lim Organic Kitchen are food that is less in salt (sodium), sugar, oil and is high in fibre and nutrition. Chef Lim Organic Kitchen believes in eating healthy food and their concepts are:
  • They only serve fresh vegetables that are delivered daily
  • They  only serve food with natural constituents and homemade condiments
  • They only use unbleached caned sugar/organic sugar and no refined sugar which is known to be unhealthy
  • They  only use olive oil, sunflower oil and corn oil which are high in mono unsaturated fat which has been shown to help reduce the risk of heart disease
  • They  serve brown rice, homemade ramen and homemade vermicelli which promote good digestion
  • They  only use natural seasoning such as sea salt, rock salt and alkaline water
  • They  do not believe in the use of MSG, unnatural colouring and preservative
  • They  do not believe in the use of recycled oil or palm oil
  • They  do not serve the 'five pungent spices' - garlic, onion, chives, spring onion or scallion and leek
  • They  do not serve egg
The interior design is based heavily in white colour, it makes the whole restaurant looks clean and neat.
They are also selling some organic and vegetarian products.
With a clean, comfortable atmosphere, Chef Lim Organic Kitchen creates delectably mouth-watering dishes presented in a pleasing, contemporary manner.
Fruits Tea 水果茶
RM14.90 (small)  RM17.90 (large)
This fruits tea combines green apple, red apple, fresh orange slice, mango slice, honey, lemon and passion fruits, very rich in vitamin C. No sugar added because the sweetness derived naturally from the fruits itself.
Feel Good Tea 好感觉  RM14.90
Definitely feel good after having this tea, the tea is made from more than five herbals including chrysanthemum, ginseng leaves, dong guai, and others. A very tonic and healthy beverage.
Yam Ring Basket 佛钵  RM18.90
Mixed vegetables in the yam ring basket, the natural colours from the vegetables itself provides a very good presentation. The baked kidney beans give some crunchiness to the dish and enhance the texture.
Crystal Jade Roll 翡翠卷
RM14.90 (small) RM18.90 (large)
The beancurd is wrapped by seaweed before deep-frying it. The sauce underneath the crystal jade roll plays a very essential role, it gives a hint of passion fruit juice and honey, the sweet and sour even make it more appetizing.
 Coconut Tom Yam 椰子东炎 RM17.90
Never thought of Tom Yam can be nice too in vegetarian and organic way. Although there are no seafood and spices added, it is still flavourful and can even beat down the seafood tomyam!
Shiitake Mushroom Stew Herbal 药材山菇
 RM14.90 (small)  RM18.90 (large)
Instead of using spices, the restaurant opts to use some nourishing and tonic herbals to enhance the flavours of dishes. This is one of the example, stewed shiitake mushroom and fungus with herbal. The fragrance of the herbal seduced me to have more of it!
Kapitan Fish 甲必丹鱼
RM14.90 (small)  RM18.90 (large) 
Tempted by the aroma of curry and coconut milk, this fish curry definitely goes will with a bowl of rice. They choose to make the fish by using bean curd rather than the chemical-made vegetarian food in the market. So it is indeed a healthier vegetarian food.
Brown Rice 糙米饭 RM2.00 per bowl
Basil Leaf Mushroom 三杯鲜菇
 RM13.90 (small)  RM17.90 (large)
Various mushroom stir-fried with basil leaves. The basil leaves furnish the dish with natural aroma. Now I know why they are not using spices, some natural ingredients can provide sufficient seasoning to the dish too.
Mixed Veggie Baked Rice 蔬菜焗飯 RM14.90
A Hong Kong styled vegetarian cheesy baked rice. The cheese melted on the top of the rice looks so tempting. The cheese is made specially for vegetarian eater, but it tastes not much different from the cheese that we normally have.
Lo Han Chai 罗汉斋
RM15.90 (small) RM19.90 (large)
My favourite vegetarian dishes. Even on this normal vegetarian dishes, Chef Lim also put some thoughts and ideas on it to make it more attractive and balance the diet.
 Fruit Pizza 水果披萨 RM19.90
Pizza and fruits sound wrong? Surprisingly, the pizza mixed well with the fruits, the sliced apples and strawberries give non-excessive sweetness to the pizza, make it a refreshing and healthy one!
Imported Australian Cheese
Passion Fruit Pudding  百香果布丁  RM5.90
I like this passion fruit pudding the most, credited to the natural taste of sweet and sour from the passion fruits!
Coconut Pudding 椰子布丁  RM5.90
The pudding full with the aroma of coconut, very smooth and refreshing dessert indeed.
Mango Pudding  芒果布丁  RM5.90

I am really impressed by the variety of foods created by Chef Lim Organic Kitchen, whereby vegetarian takers may now have larger ranges of food to choose from, from Chinese food to Japanese Food, Western Food and local food.

Address : Chef Lim Organic Kitchen
Lot 2-47, 2-48 & 2-49,
The Scott Garden, 4 1/2 Miles,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
GPS : N03 05.628'  E101 40.508'

Business Hour : 10am - 10pm Daily
Tel+603-7982 3395 / +6017-6534565
FB : Chef Lim Organic Kitchen

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  1. hmm cheese bake rice! I am eye-ing on it lol

    1. @kkf Ya.. should try their fruit pizza as well..

  2. I wonder if this restaurant is related to the one in Kayu Ara (Boulevard 10) because both are serving the same type of dishes...

    1. @waverly Em.. according to other, they are not related to the one at boulevard..

  3. I like this place a lot.. will definately bring my family back because organic is usually more expensive than these prices.. =)

    1. @fooddream Ya... i like their less oil concept...

  4. Looks good, but prices are more to the expensive side for us penangites xD, i would personally love to try the herbal shitake mushroom thing, LOVE mushrooms <3

    1. @ken Em.. ya for sure.. there will be pricy for penang-ian.. but it was simple and nice at klang valley here!

  5. i wanna go back for their fruity pizza!

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    1. @fish Their fruity pizza was awesome nice! I need bring my family there soon!

  6. looks so healthy, cannot take it. hahaha

    1. @jessy Why cant take it? go healthy eat vege mah.. lol

  7. I loveeeee the fruit pizza!

  8. If I am not mistaken, this restaurant is closed and and change to a Thai restaurant. Do you know where this restaurant move to?