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Ikuzo Ramen @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Ikuzo Ramen @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Ikuzo Ramen is the latest restaurant which joining the big family of SS2 residential. Although this area has been mushrooming for all kinds of restaurant or cafe, but Ikuzo is quite outstanding from the other. Most of the Japanese restaurants mark up high prices for ramen, however, Ikuzo thinks that every person deserve a good quality and affordable ramen, therefore, all their ramens' pricing are lower than RM10.90.
Beside this, they also stressed that they make everything themselves using only fresh ingredients and absolutely no MSG added. FYI, this Ikuzo Ramen is a very "Porky" restaurant, where they not only serve the pork on the top of noodles and use pork bone to boil their soup, they even add in pork oil into the ramen soup to keep the soup warm and make it more fragrance.

Soup is made from hours of boiling pork and chicken bones.Ikuzo guarantees a healthy meal and ramen for everyone, so there is no MSG and preservative added, instead, they put in a lot vegetables and apple to enhance the sweetness of the soup.
The entrance of Ikuzo Ramen. FYI, Ikuzo means "Let's go" in Japanese. So, what are you waiting for? Let's go for Ramen!
The interior design of the restaurant is fusion of Japanese and western styles. Normally, we will only see pictures on wall in old western restaurant. The pieces of art on the wall are made or modified by the designer of Ikuzo, and all the paintings are open for sale. So if you are thinking to add some "ikuzo" elements in your house or office, you can purchase it too.
(Front)  Ginger Green Tea Yuzu Ice Cream Float  RM5.90
(Back)  Chocolate Milk Rice Ice Cream Float  RM5.90
I was quite impressed by their Yuzu ice cream float and rice ice cream float. It is not the ordinary ice cream that we bought outside, it is freshly made by the chef without using any cream. Instead, the Japanese chef replace it with yuzu or rice. The texture of the rice ice cream is special, where you still can feel the rice in my mouth. In the meanwhile, the yuzu ice cream emits some fragrance of Japanese lemon. Since Ikuzo is promoting healthy food, the containing sugar in the ice cream is 40% less than those in the market, no artificial colouring is used, where the light yellow colour of the ice cream is derived naturally from the ingredients itself.
(Front) Green Tea Milk   RM4.90
(Back)  Passion Fruit Soda  RM4.90
(Front)  Root Beer Rice Ice Cream Float  RM5.90
(Back)  Hot Ginger Green Tea  RM3.90
Shimbo Katsunori
The chef, Shimbo Katsunori demonstrated the process of making ramen. Noodles are made using super nutritious rye flour, which contains high nutritious values, rich in iron, protein, calcium, vitamin Bs and E and it also high in fiber. Rye cereal has a very low Glycemic Index, of only 34. Low-GI diet is associated with reduce risk of obesity. 
 *If you're wondering "How I know are they really using rye flour or not? *
Look detail into their noodles, then you will find some red dots, that are grind rye flour with its natural reddish.
Rice Ice Cream making process.. Look simple and hard works.
To make sure the customers are not boring with the same type of noodles, there are 4 types of ramen to choose from in 18 different styles of preparations!
(1) Original thin
(2) Spicy thin
(3) Original thick
(4) Spicy thick
Besides, the customers are encouraged to make their ramen soup nicer with the condiments on the tables. Pepper and vinegar are recommended to be added into shoyu-based soup, shicimi powder can be added into your miso soup, and last but not least seafood ramen is recommended to eat with their homemade chili oil, to make it more fragrance and explosive.

Yakiniku Ramen  RM8.50
Marinated and grilled beef slices with cabbage kimuchi in a shoyu-based soup. I like the grilled beef very much, which is well grilled, the meat is tender and juicy, not rubbery at all. It is perfectly matched with the shoyu soup! I chose the spicy thin noodles for my yakiniku ramen, the moderate spiciness of the noodles is good to enhance my appetite. The thin noodles is very springy, like it!

Cha-Shu Ramen  RM8.90
Japanese Cha-Shu which is slightly different from the Chinese Char Siew, it means braised pork belly instead. The thickness of the pork belly is just nice. Cleverly choose pork belly to be braised, provides extra smoothness to the pork. It is served with seaweed and spring onions, this simple yet superb ramen marked the beginning of their ramen revolution.
Curry Ramen  RM7.90
This bowl of punch is created by using secret curry spices by comrades from India, served with breaded pork fillet and braised egg.
Zembu Ramen  RM10.90
Greedy to have more all good things in a bowl? Here the zembu ramen which combines eki tempura ramen and cha shu ramen might be your choice. Kill two birds with a stone.
Tom Yum Ramen  RM10.90
Seafood Ramen  RM10.90
This bowl definitely worth for the price! Ikuzo traveled four seas to bring us the ultimate seafood ramen with a combination of prawns, squids, crab claw and fish.
Goma Tan Tan Ramen  RM7.50
Black sesame soup with mala spices turns this minced chicken ramen dish into an unforgettable experience.
Goma Tamago Ramen  RM8.90
The colour of the sesame soup is quite terrifying, but honestly it tastes good with the strong aroma of sesame. Please dare yourself to give it a try!
Hokkaido Ramen  RM8.50
Classic Miso soup ramen served together with pork cha shu, bamboo shoots, spinach, bean sprouts and sweet corn. A revolution in Hokkaido way!
Tsukemen  RM8.50
Its just the way eat like soba noodles.. For those who cannnot take too salty, actually can dip your noodles into the soup and eat it to minimize the salty-ness. Then after that, just order to add an extra Ikuzo soup and drinks it as you like.
Ebi Tempura Ramen  RM8.90
Gyoza (5pcs)  RM3.50
Age Gyoza (5pcs)  RM3.50
(Front) Cabbage Kimuchi  RM2.50
(Back)  Menma  RM1.80
(Front)  Yakiniku  RM3
(Back) Cha-Shu  5pcs  RM3.50
Last but not least, you are encouraged to SLURPING while enjoying your ramen!! More noise more fun!!

Address : Ikuzo Ramen
52, Jalan SS 2/61, 47300 Petaling Jaya
GPS : N03 07.085'  E101 37.234'
(same row as Macdonald)

Business Hour : 10.30am - 11pm
Tel : 03-78733110

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  1. hmm, didn't see this shop even though I'm at SS2 a lot. The ramen don't quite look like Japanese style somehow.

    1. @kelvin I have no idea on that.. ^^

  2. So reasonably priced! it would be more awesome if they can have the egg yolk a bit runny like how a good ramen egg should be :)

  3. Replies
    1. @eunice why owis hokkien to me? haha!

  4. Just ate this last week. Not really like it.

    1. @soosue Why not like it? can tell me a reason of that?

  5. I've tried the original thick ramen, the texture was quite hard for me... and the soup got alkaline taste >.<

    1. @choiyen Serious? That time, when i sample the thick ramen was OK d.. No comment on the alkaline taste as the ramen was immerse in alkaline before served!

  6. After seeing all your reviews on this place, I 'flew' to try this and was majorly disappointed..

    1. @isabel For that prices level, the quality seem to be ok already!