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Gao Ren Guan 高人馆 @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Gao Ren Guan 高人馆 @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Gao Ren (Tall man) Guan is not a restaurant meant for tall man only, but to retain and and promote Gao Zhou diet culture. So that we could taste the original and authentic Gao Zhou dishes which are not available at the other restaurants. The restaurant also serves some secret-recipe and special dishes, where the recipe was gotten from the owner's late grandfather. However, the recipe was not formally recorded and jotted down, therefore the recipe was created based on the taste in his memory and the good culinary skill of his mum. Therefore, there are stories behind every single dishes.
The restaurant aims to build up a place where guests feel at home, ad thus they choose to use simple ingredients and Gao Zhou cooking style to enable everyone got to taste the true flavour from Gao Zhou. The restaurant creates a quiet and comfortable environment where families and enjoy their meal here. 

The restaurant provides various beverages, but the significant one is the ginseng series beverage. It is definitely a nourishing one to drink during hot weather day. I like the fragrance of the ginseng and I am surprise that the ginseng can even go well with sea coconut and longan.
(Front) Longan with Ginseng  RM5.50
(Back) Honey with GInseng  RM5.50
(Front) Sea Coconut with Ginseng  RM5.50
(Back) Honey with Ginseng  RM5.50
Bitter Gourd & Pineapple Juice with Honey  RM6.50
A refreshing and detoxification drink, the owner alleged that this is good for skin also. So girls, dare to have a try?
Lime with Honey  RM4.50
Braised Stuffed Bean Curd
RM18 (6pcs)  RM30 (10pcs)

Minced meat and chives (Gao Zhou's people favourite) are stir-fried before stuffed into the tau pok. After that, the chef braised it with the fish bone soup, therefore the tau pok is very flavourful and very juicy when you give it a bite.
Braised Stuffed Bitter Gourd
RM18 (4pcs)  RM27 (6pcs)
The stuffed ingredients are same with the stuffed bean curd. But it is more challenging to do with bitter gourd, it must be very skillful to remove the the bitterness. This dish is highly recommended to those who reluctant to try on bitter gourd, not bitter at all.
Home Made Salted Chicken
RM30 (Half Chicken) RM58 (Whole Chicken)
The chicken was marinated over night before cooking, therefore the meat fully adsorb the flavour. Furthermore, the restaurant is using kampung chicken, which the texture is better and chewy. By using the traditional cooking method, the restaurant successfully retain the taste and flavour during the old times.
Braised Fried Pork Belly with Yam
RM18 (4 pairs)  RM34 (8 pairs)
It is claimed as the perfect dish in Gao Zhou. The yam and the pork belly are cut into slices with 1cm thick. By seasoning with fermented beancurd, it enhances the taste of the dish.
Pork Belly with Red Wine Residuum Sauce
RM14 (small)  RM28 (large)
The red wine provides natural red colour to the pork belly, make it looks more attractive. Pork belly always leave the impression of fat and oily, but this one is good. The marinade and the cooking method get rid of the the oiliness of the pork belly.
Crispy Nam Yu Pork
RM16 (small)  RM32 (large)
This crispy fried pork is done by using the flesh on the cheek of pig, which is more tender. Nam Yu pork is also popular among adult and children as it is crispy in nature. Besides, it is also a good beer food.
Braised Chinese Cabbage with Dried Scallops
RM18 (small) RM26 (large)
The gravy is the soul of the dish, by adsorbing the essence of Chinese cabbage and scallop, it is sufficient for me to have a big bowl of rice.
Stir-Fried "Gao Zhou" Lettuce with Dace in Black Bean
RM16 (small)  RM24 (large)
Gao Zhou lettuce is classical ingredients in Gao Zhou diet. The lettuce is slightly bitter in nature, and therefore they cook it with dace in black bean to reduce the bitterness. If you wish to have the original flavour Gao Zhou lettuce, you can also request the kitchen to prepare it without black bean.
Hot & Sour Vegetables
RM12 (small)  RM24 (large)
A very appetizing dish with the sourness, best to consume with rice.
Tilapia with Spicy Curry Sauce
Seasonal Price
Tilapia is famous fish in the country. After deep fried it, it is served with the special sauce made by curry powder and coconut milk. It is a tropical Asean flavour with the mild spiciness of the dish.
Boiled Lean Meat Soup  RM12
The soup is only boiled using lean meat for 6 hours. I can guarantee that it is wrong to think this soup is tasteless. Although the soup looks clear, but is full with the fragrance of lean meat. Moreover, it is not oily at all. No wonder this soup was taken as breakfast by the owner during his childhood.
Hot Pepper Pig Stomach Soup
 RM10 (For 1 person)  RM18 (small)  RM28 (large)
Good to have it during cold weather to keep your stomach warm. The spiciness of the pepper is not too excessive, while the pig stomach is well cooked to remain the springiness of it.
Longan & Sea Coconut with Grass Jelly  RM5.90
A nourishing and refreshing dessert indeed
Mango Pudding  RM5.90
The mango pudding is made daily by the kitchen itself, the fragrance and sweetness of mango are spreading in my mouth when i have a little spoon of it. Very nice.
Chinese Herbs Jelly  RM5.90

Address : Gao Ren Guan 高人馆
M-10-G, Palm Square, 
Jaya One, 72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 PJ
GPS  : N03 07.076'  E101 38.134'

Business Hour :  11am - 3pm / 6pm - 10pm Daily
Tel: 03 - 7955 3266
FBGao Ren Guan 高人馆

Other Branch at Subang Jaya(HQ)  and Puchong

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  1. Got typo error or not? The ginseng drink so cheap?

    The oink oink dish certainly makes people drool

    1. @smallkucing Ya.. I double check edy.. Is the price stated there!

  2. Wow, the salted chicken and bitter gourd seemed good to me, and the flavors of the drinks are impressive as well :O

    1. @ken Ya.. The ginseng drinks must order once step in this restaurant.. There are more signature dishes available.. Find some time, I will back there have my own meal there!

  3. omg, the braised fried pork belly, and nam yu pork..
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    1. @isaac I know u like the meat very much.. But control urself.. Dun makan too much.. Gaining fat.. keke

  4. wahh.. everything is my fav!!!!the bittergourd very nice!healthy!

    1. @eunice U take bitter gourd as well? same Like me, my fav too

  5. Gao Zhou a place is guang xi? Somehow those dishes a bit similar to Guang Xi (Kwong Sai,广西) style ;D

    1. @Čღήήϊє ♥ Ya.. U are right.. Guang Xi and Gao Zhou is under Guang Dong district!

  6. yummy pork belly :P so fat

    1. @fish Em.. Dont eat too much and exercise more should be no problem one!