Tuesday 17 April 2012

Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall

Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall

Last week, I was there with a bunch of blogger friends for kind review of Spring Promotion at Sushi Tei. My last dining in Sushi Tei was about a year ago. Although one year passed,  the food here are remained in good quality and the service is also good all the time. Undeniably, I enjoy my dining here.
Sushi Tei is an International Japanese Sushi Restaurant Chain, originated from Singapore.
Their signature open-kitchen concept allows the chefs to showcase their culinary skills upfront, sharing the preparation of Japanese cuisine with their patrons
Sushi Tei restaurant in Tropicana bears the classy, elegant and modish look. 

Alright, back to the topic, Sushi Tei is launching their new promotion on Spring Menu, which showcasing some cuisine and fresh ingredients exclusively available in Japan during Spring.
Purple Lady  RM6
Double Layer aperitif drink topping with mango jelly 
(front) Sunrise  RM5.80
(back) Frozen Matcha  RM10.80
Volcano Roll  RM6.80
unagi & cucumber with cream cheese
A must-try for first-timer to Sushi Tei. The cheese on the top just like volcano, continue flowing in my mouth. Luxury piece of sushi indeed.
Eringi Batayaki  RM9.80
eringi mushroom with Japanese leek
Big mushroom slices stir-fried with leek on hot plate, should not miss this one if you are a mushroom lover.
Sashimi Moriawase "WAKANA" 5 kinds  RM56.80
tuna belly, red prawn, raw scallop, octopus, salmon
Seafood are imported freshly, the quality of sashimi is therefore guaranteed.The fish slices are soft and nice to eat with few drops of lemon juice to enhance the flavour.
Maguro Heart Roll  RM16.80
tuna belly, avocado, kanimayo roll
A "Hearty Sushi" presented by Sushi Tei, this is not only a piece of food, but a piece of art too!
Kamaage Shirasu, Chutoro & Negitoro Don  RM28.80
steamed baby sardin, tuna belly & minced tuna belly on sushi rice.
Have you try baby sardine before? This is not the normal "ikan bilis" ya, it is soft and unlike the normal ikan bilis in pasar which will hurt your mouth and tongue. It is the fresh one without marinate and deep-fried, where I can taste the original flavour of the baby sardine.
Soft Shell Crab Tortilla Pizza  RM13.80
cheese baked soft shell crab with tortilla bread
The cheese on the top is very generous, make me drooling. This was my first time to try a Japanese Pizza with Soft Shell Crab!So excited. Just a word to describe----CRISPY. The soft shell crab is crispy, the crust is thin and crispy too. Must eat immediately when served, don't wait and hesitate.
Kamaage Shirasu Sushi  RM6.80 per pair
steamed baby sardine
Aka Ebi Sushi  RM13.80
red prawn sushi
Distinguished from the other Japanese restaurants on the street, Sushi Tei brings in this Aka Ebi, which provides extra natural sweetness. 
Maguro Yukke Pasta Salad  RM16.80
spicy minced tuna pasta with french dressing

Sakura Okonomiyaki  RM16.80
Chu Toro Sashimi  RM29.80
Chu Toro is the flesh above Tuna belly, which is less oily compared to Tuna belly, and provides better texture. Thus, it is more precious and valuable.
Asari & Hotate Garlic Shoyu Pasta  RM28.80
stir fried asari clam & scallop with pasta
Pasta and scallop, both are my favourite. Their scallop is real big one!
Inri Kani Mentai Mayo  RM5.40
cooked inari, crab meat with cod roe
Tamago Mentai Mayo  RM5.40
cooked omelette with cod roe
Soft Shell Crab  RM15.80
deep fried soft shell crab
Gyu Misoyaki  RM15
sliced beef with miso-base sauce
Do It Yourself Teppanyaki
Hokkaido Corn Cream Croquette  RM6.80
Saba Shio  RM13.80
grilled mackeral with salt
Yogurt Forest Berries  RM7

The Spring Promotion Menu is indeed enlighten my weekend, I think you deserve it too. Craving for high quality Sushi and Japanese Cuisine, don't hesitate to visit Sushi Tei as the promotion is only valid until end of May. Grab it before Spring ends!

Location : Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall
 Lot G-16 Ground Floor, 
Tropicana City Mall
 Tel: 03-7728 9299

 Bussiness hours : 11:00am - 10:00pm ( Last Call 9.30pm) 
 Website : www.sushitei.com

Other Branch at The Garden, Mid Valley, Gurney Plaza, Pavilion KL, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall and coming soon at Setia City Mall, Setia Alam.

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  1. I heard of this Sushi Tei before. Will try this out one day! :)

    1. @xueren Wah... U never try since it establish here?

  2. yummeh! surprisingly it's not as commercialized as i thought :)

  3. Eye-ing on the pizza, Okonomiyaki, Pasta, Teppanyaki, saba fish..Arghh..too many I wanna try!!!

    1. @choiyen Must be quick.. The menu available only until the end of May!

  4. i cant imagine the oozing cheese on the volcano! must be really yummy :)

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    1. @fish Ya.. You are right! This menu is all-time menu.. Can try it anytime u want!

  5. yay found your post.. hehe, planning to do the writeup soon. paiseh im so slow nowadays :) :) .. yummy sushi

    1. @isaac haha.. gonna read urs soon..