Wednesday 25 January 2012

Steam Prawn with Tiger Beer

Steam Prawn with Tiger Beer

When tiger beer is overload in my house, i will did something special on it in order to finish up it, such treat my friend for beer when they visit me, bring it as a gift for some gathering and drinks it every night in front of my computer. This time is really special, i did some cook with Tiger beer.

(Portion for 2 person)
50ml Tiger Beer
150g Prawn
1 Tea spoon salt
1 Tea spoon Oyster sauce
Minced Garlic
Black pepper

How to cook : 
1) Marinated prawn with Tiger beer, salt, oyster sauce for 10 minutes
2) Add little of minded garlic and black pepper according to your own flavour before steam it.
3) Steam it for 5 minutes and its ready to serve.

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  1. Chui Lo Fu Har.....

  2. too still have the Tiger Beer won last round...have to start cooking with it soon. Try steam chicken with it also nice

  3. @simpleperson Yup.. correct

    @smallkucing Haha.. Try it and taste it real..

  4. nikel cooks! drunken prawn right? i am gonna try it soon. i've stocked up quite a bit of tiger and guinness this cny for my guests.

  5. Wow! What a brilliant idea. Too bad I can't drink beer and eat prawn :(... Happy Chinese New Year to you

  6. @meitzeu Haha.. Correct..

    @missyblurkit alike drunken prawn.. Different style of cook..

    @diana Too bad.. this post not benefit u..

  7. U can cook oh..? :P 好男人!

  8. Mmmm... steam prawn and beer... sounds good to me. Haha

  9. @josarine Wow.. hope u like it..

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