Saturday 28 January 2012

Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes (阿炳:心想事成) @ GSC Sunway Carnival

Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes (阿炳:心想事成) @ GSC Sunway Carnival

Synopsis : It's the eve of The Lunar New Year in a village. Every household is busy preparing to receive the auspicious God Of Fortune (GOF). Comes midnight, people of various races impersonate the GOF. They walk up to each household to offer mandarin oranges and lucky numbers in return for an "Ang Pau". Ah Beng's father being poor, dishes out only coins to these GOF. The worst dressed scruffy GOF who receives a tiny token from Ah Beng's father, is in fact, the true and almighty GOF. Without realizing, Ah Beng's father comments that he should be better dressed and wishes him good luck and good health, very sincerely. The true GOF is surprised but touched by Ah Beng's father's sincerity and grants him 3 wishes.

Not-so-bright security guard Ah Beng works at an open car-park, is being bullied by a group of rich brats with luxury cars, over their parking fee. A mysterious guy comes in and helps Ah Beng. Grateful for his help, Ah Beng invites him into his life and things starts to change around him.

One day at work, Bobby is injured while filming and with the help of Ah Beng, Rain and the mysterious guy, Bobby is brought to the hospital where they see both Ah Lian and Salted Fish Lian. Salted Fish Lian was collecting her medicine from the pharmacy. Ah Beng and the gang secretly investigates Salted Fish Lian's condition and is shocked to find out that Salted Fish Lian is very sick.

Back home, Ah Beng and the gang, are thinking of ways to save Salted Fish Lian. Bobby then spots a Talent Search contest in a newspaper with a massive grand prize of cash. Rain, Bobby and Ah Beng quickly form a singing trio to join the contest. Do they win? Who is the Mysterious Guy? Why is he there?



为咗俾所有喜欢阿炳的朋友可以预先睇到《阿炳心想事成》短片,The Film Engine及RAM Entertainment率先发放预告片同埋阿炳最型的海报俾媒体大众,咁大家就可以齐齐欣赏啦!

Official Site : Ah Beng Three Wishes

My words : The story lines was not the new one, but its still can create another wave of 'laughing' in cinema with the brand new actor and actress. Great job on this part. Plus, I like to watch comedy, especially during free time. This movie really suitable to watch during CNY which was a happiness moment in the year.

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  1. Hhmmm so worth watchng in cinema or not??

  2. @rebecca Depends on your lor.. I like watch at cinema.. the feel.

  3. looks like a funny comedy. wanted to catch it a few nights ago but they only had 1am seats. caught viral factor instead...which was a good show per se.

  4. @missyblurkit Serious? then I need buy ticket for viral factor.. Haha.. comedy is so popular during CNY!