Tuesday 3 January 2012

Open Rice Malaysia version

Open Rice Malaysia

Asia's No.1 Dining Guide OpenRice will be launching soon in Malaysia! Stay close with them and be the first to be informed on OpenRice latest news, exciting promos/events and gatherings! Catch them on Twitter too! 
OpenRice.com, founded in 1999, is Hong Kong's most popular dining guide with over 3,000,000 unique visitors and more than 75 million page views per month. With over 34,900 restaurants on the site, OpenRice.com provides an advanced search engine for users to find and locate restaurants by cuisines, districts or price range. It is also an online platform for sharing dining experience that over 500,000 restaurant reviews have been written and submitted by users, establishing a strong online community for food lovers. 

To extend its services to Malaysia, OpenRice will be launching in Malaysia. OpenRice Malaysia aims to be a comprehensive online food directory with reviews contributed by the local online community, while extending exciting offers to its members.

The look of the platform. Its ease to search for review on restaurant and cafe at their designed search engine with map search. You may also search with restaurant names, location , dish or cuisine. Beside this for some advanced food lover, you may filter out all the result with by cuisine, by district, by dish, by amenity, by feature, by price and by special condition. Very convenient search engine.

Well, they do introduce an program " Makan & Share Rewards" program for those who like to share their food photo to foodie like me.. They do have 3 categories from Beginners, Advanced and Super. Each categories entitle you different rewards, from food vouchers, shopping voucher , movie ticket, flight ticket and so on. Besides this, they do have a Grand Bonanza prizes of Ipad2 for each week. A short words, the more you share the more you get. Easy!

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