Monday 9 January 2012

Italian Tomato @ Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, KL

Italian Tomato @ Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

There was a very sudden night, when I decide to have my Italian Cuisine with my fellow friends at this newly open Italian restaurant located at Bangsar. For cheese lover like me will definitely love Italian Cuisine. I was attracted by the obvious signboard, it has a cute name "Italian Tomato", I just curious about its name and wonder whether the owner is a tomato lover or they are using tomato as main ingredient? So I gonna find it out the story behind it, let's go!

A very western style exterior design. I never expected that a Italian Cafe will be located in a car trading and service area. It just located in conjunction to Lucky Car Auto Spa in Bangsar, which you can send your beloved car for a spa here, and meanwhile you can enjoy a delightful meal or coffee.

Outdoor seats, with a big screen for football lover. It is always fun to watch football match with crowd,  I can imagine people shout for a goal with a beer in their hand.
The interior design of the cafe. Big red lantern? western oriental design? Don't be shock, perhaps it is just decor for coming Chinese New Year.

Beverages bar
Pit furnace
Mango Tango  RM16
 Mango Puree, Lemon, Sprite & Grenadine Syrup
Watermelon Juice  RM9.50
Irish Coffee   RM21
 John Jameson Whisky, Coffee, Brown Sugar & Cream
Antipasti Misti  RM42
Antipasti platter - grilled mushroom, deep fried calamari rings, carrozza & garlic crostini with chicken liver paste

I like this starter plate, especially the french toast and calamari rings. The french toast is fragrant and crispy, and even better to taste with chicken liver. The squid ring is nice too, crispy but not rubbery, add some lemon juice on it, indeed opens up the flavour.
I thought the fried thingy are pisang goreng. Oops, it was fried roti, which surprisingly fragrant despite its ugly look. so, never judge a book by its cover, k?
Crema Di Zucca Al Forno   RM13
 wood fired oven roasted pumpkin soup
Zuppa Di Cozze E Vongole Picanti  RM25
 mussel with clams in a spicy, tomato soup

I bet most Malaysian will like this soup, which is spicy and sour in taste. I like it too, as the soup rich with well-blended tomato and i found very-local-cili padi inside.

Pizza Romano  RM28
 Anchovy, fresh basil, tomato, mozzarella & parmesan shavings

The chef is never kedekut with the cheese, a mouthful of guilt to eat this. I have to postpone my diet plan till tomorrow, as I cant resist myself from this cheesy Pizza Romano
Pizza Chorizo  RM28
Lamb chorizo sausage, grilled peppers, olive, chili flakes, tomato & mozzarella

Another cheesy pizza, but it tastes more heavy and the ingredient is more plentiful.
Spaghetti Alla Pescatora (House Specialty)   RM35
 Mixed seafood in a hearty tomato sauce
Fettucine Mare E Monti  RM35
Flat pasta with scallop, wild porcini  & Shitake mushroom in a cream sauce

I like this pasta, creamy enough but not greasy, and its slippery texture. The fresh scallops give another credit to the pasta.
Petto Di Manzo Con Vino Rosso  RM40
 Wood fired oven roasted beef ribs in a reduction of red wine sauce on a bed of mashed potato

The beef rib is well roasted by using wood fire oven, I wonder anybody else using wood fire oven in this high-tech era? They are doing it in the traditional way and definitely it tastes traditional, lol. The portion is big and the mashed potato is solid, it's very filling.

Panna Cotta  RM12
 Smooth Cream pudding with caramel sauce
Crema Catalana Napoletana   RM16
A trio of vanilla, chocolate & strawberry creme brulee

Address :  Italian Tomato
Lot 61C, Jalan Maarof, 
Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS : N03 07.570'  E101 40.653'
(Same site with Toyota Showroom. Previously used to be Gaja Bistro & Cafe)

Business Hour : 11am - late night

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  1. wow. Nice was it ?;)

  2. @eunice Taste so good with their pizza.. Must try it..

  3. I like the roasted beef ribs... Its make me full enough.. hehe

  4. wow, the tomato soup, laden with so many seafood!

  5. @choiyen Tomato soup is must have.. Really good in taste!