Saturday 28 January 2012

Tasty Chicken Rice 为食鸡 @ Dataran Sunway , Kota Damansara

Tasty Chicken Rice 为食鸡 @ Dataran Sunway

Tasty Chicken Rice 为食鸡 is a restaurant which their recipe origin from Northern Malaysia - Taiping. Today, i pass-by Dataran Sunway to somewhere place. Therefore, I decide to give a try on their well-known chicken rice among all chicken rice stall. This time is also my first time ate chicken rice as my breakfast ever this (before this was Bak Kut Teh), since they open at 9am. 
Just for info, they are the champion for Malaysia Hainan Chicken Rice Open Competition at year 2007. So judge it your own, how the taste of theie chicken rice. I taste it great and Yum.

 Homemade truly chili sauce with lime. Chicken dip with it taste better.

Roast Chicken and BBQ Pork  RM6
BBQ Pork (Char Siew)  RM5
Bean Sprout (Taugeh)   RM3

Address : Tasty Chicken Rice 为食鸡
22A-1,  Jalan PJU 5/16,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.
GPS :  N03 09.167'  E101 35.519'

Business Hour :  9am - 3.30pm  Daily

Tel : 03-61560080

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  1. Wonder if it's like what it's name imply....tasty. LOL.

  2. @kelvin Haha.. Then u need taste it your own..

  3. the charsiew looks interesting. dark brown and i believe well caramelised?

    hmmm why no picture of the rice?

  4. should try one day! :D

  5. hmmmm kinda expensive......
    n i think the taste is so so only....

  6. @missyblurkit Ya.. I found best charsiew over there.. the rice just normal white rice..

    @ken Yup.. comment on their food afterwards..

    @simpleperson Emm.. for me the price is just same as other.. taste is better for someother..

  7. U tried the roast chicken right, how bout the steam chicken? Hahah actually they win the Malaysia Hainan Chicken Rice Open Competition is through the roast or steam chicken? Going to try it soon! Hopefully C: C:

  8. Chicken rice won't be complete with the delicious chili sauce.

  9. @maxloon nice to try..

    @smitten agree that.. chili sauce will determine how tasty its like..

  10. speaking of chicken rice, i prefer the chicken rice balls around malacca :)

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  11. @fish Wah.. I have long time no eat chicken rice balls d... miss the taste!

  12. The name of the shop is very cute. Haha !!
    By the way the Bean Sprout looks fat and juicy ah ~

  13. @lolly Ya.. correct.. U try its before?

  14. I am craving for Char siew now thanks to your pictures. Hahaha...

  15. Don't know Taiping is famous for its chicken rice?

  16. @josarine Haha.. hope u cure your taste bug soon..

    @choiyen I guess its famous chicken rice in Taiping like everywhere do..

  17. Champion eh? Must try then.. always see it but tak pernah masuk. One of these days will go try :)

  18. @merryn Give its a try soon.. Nice!