Wednesday 18 January 2012

Mini Trolley Found @ Candylicious, 1 Utama Shopping Center, PJ

Mini Trolley @ Candylicious, 1 Utama Shopping Center

Candylicious is a concept representing fantasy, joy and irreplaceable childhood memories. It combines candy and the world of imagination into a hip and fashion forward candy store. Explore the colourful world of Candylicious with its visually mesmerizing pillars embedded with candy and a canopy of the world’s largest lollipop trees covered with dangling lollipop favourites above your heads

Today, i went new year shopping in One Utama Shopping Center and surprisingly found this candy-themed shop. There are so many cute and sweet things hidden in this Candylicious. Indeed a place of interest for kids and those who love candies.
 I saw this mini trolley in the shop and can't control myself from owning it. It is just so cute, even smaller than my palm.
A close up, as you can see, it can only afford a small packet of biscuit. Haha, there are still many cute and sweet thingy waiting for your discovery, so if you are looking for present for kids or your girlfriends, definitely it will be a nice place to satisfy you.

Malaysia outlet : KLCC and 1 Utama
Dubai outlet : Downtown Burj Dubai
Singapore outlet : Resort World Singapore, Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Parkway Parade

Website : Candylicious 

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  1. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Eh, a small little trolley. So cute.

  2. @kthblogger Haha.. I Know is cute, that why i bought it to keep one..

  3. A place where you can see and not take pictures. lol

  4. @michleong Absolutely correct, that another reason i bought its.. hehe.. But i still saw people curi curi take photo inside in hidden corner la..

  5. Welcome back 2 kids world.....
    B4 they open they say tat if there is no candy @ heaven then I m not going
    ( in my mind where we should ? Down

  6. @simpleperson Then u should visit here no matter how.. see they realize your dream onot.

  7. The first time I stepped foot into Candylicious was in Spore and now they have it here in One U. Woo hoo!

  8. @merryn I never been Singapore before..So I am outdated.. haha.. They do have mini trolley in SG outlet?

  9. very cute, and now candylicious is everywhere in malaysia already. busy taking pictures inside XD

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  10. @fish Everywhere meh? KLCC and 1U only wor.. haha..