Tuesday 31 January 2012

Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Black Pepper Sauce

Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Black Pepper Sauce 
Cooked with Tiger Beer

How to save money? Nowadays, 1 chicken wings normally cost you RM2.50 when you eat at Chinese mix rice stall, Malay stall even Mamak stall. But, today i eat two chicken in once, which cost less than RM2.50 for two. Save right?! So, This is the best way to save money and eat more chicken wings at home. 

(For 2 person portion)
Ingredient : 
1) 4 Chicken wings
2) Carrot, Chai Xin (Choy Sum)
3) 2 Hotdogs
4) 2 Tea-spoon of Black Pepper powder
5) 1 Big spoon of Oyster sauce
6) 1 Big spoon soy bean sauce
7) 1 Tea-spoon of salt
8) 2 Big spoon corn flour
9) 1 Tea-spoon sesame oil
10) 1 Tea-spoon dark soy sauce
11) 50 ml Tiger Beer

How to Cook :
1) Marinate the chicken wings with salt, sesame oil, and Tiger beer for an hour.
2) Fry the hotdogs while marinating the chicken wings.
3) Cook the carrot and choy sum with water.
4) Heat up the pan and pour in some cooking oil.
5) Place chicken wings into the pan properly, fry it with medium fire.
6) Turns the chicken wings to the other side every 5 minutes.
7) Take out the chicken wings when it becomes golden in colour for both sides.
8) Pour 750ml water into a pot, put in oyster sauce, black pepper powder, soy bean sauce and dark soy sauce .
9) When it is boiling, put in the chicken wings into it. 
10) To make the chicken wings stick with the sauce, mix the corn flour with some water.
11) Pour the corn flour's water into the pot and stir it properly.
12) Continue cook it until the gravy almost dry.
13) Serve the chicken wings with choy sum, carrots, and rice. 

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  1. seems yummy!

    hehehe...isn't 750ml water too much? i do something similar but with less water.

  2. @missyblurkit Em.. i prefer more gravy on my chicken wing that why pour much more water to make more gravy.. keke.. But with less water will do it nicer..

  3. @sherrie Try it.. Is nice..

  4. wah.. Nikel turning chef? when can I come over pls? ;)

  5. @fooddream Haha.. Not me.. My personal chef.. So, need ask her permission first.. wakaka

  6. Haha !! Nikel the cook. =P

  7. @lolly shame.. keke

  8. Nice but ahem ahem...the sausage ah...looks ahem ahem....

  9. @smallkucing what problem with the sausage?

  10. woot, call you chef nikel after this XD
    yum yum , homecooked are the best meals

  11. @isaac Thanks.. U also get to eat your wife punya homecooked!

  12. Since when u become煮家男人? hehe ^__*

  13. @choiyen Haha.. cooking is an art.. sometime, U may like it.. Cook in your own way rather than just eating..

  14. Beer Chicken Wing, O... special dishes.

  15. hi nice entry indeed... btw I just voted for you for Worlds Bloggers And Social Media Awards 2012..

    Plssss do vote for me for THE WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR @ http://socialmediaweek.com.my/awards/category.php?id=33 "click vote di link www.bicaramakdara.com ye

    Thank you... =)

  16. @jobless Ya.. Is yummy..

    @adza Wow. THanks.. hope u enjoy this..

  17. Wah Nikel can cook! Macam ni lah baru ohsem!

    I like the way you cut the sausage! Macam sotong, i likey!

  18. @merryn Haha.. malu malu.. The cutting sausage just for presentation la..