Tuesday 3 January 2012

MyChef - Frozen Ready Meals

MyChef - Frozen Ready Meals

Towards a healthier lifestyle. myChef aspires to be a global brand for Halal Ready-to-serve Food. Their vision is about meeting consumers’ needs & making it an easier, healthier & more enjoyable part of life.

For those who knew me, most probably know that I was moved out from previous hostel and now I have more freedom to cook my own food in kitchen. I do always cook some light meal for my lunch or dinner during weekday. If you always visit to Tesco, Jusco or Cold Storage during weekends, you might be meet me there. I do hang out there to buy daily.

While that on this past Christmas, Santa Clause do visit me and passed me this FOUR frozen meal to me for a  try. There are Butter Rice Pilaf, Mughlai Chicken Biryani from Chef Liza, Beef Stroganoff with Brown Rice Pilaf and Beer Keema Masala from Chef Liza.. I found this type of food was very convenient. Its just need to reheat it for a single time and you can enjoy the Celebrity Chef cook at home or in office. Very suitable to person like me, stay alone, cook alone and eat alone.
Enjoy the NEW Gourmet Experience of Healthy & Halal Ready to serve meals & dishes in the comfort of your own home. They are bringing Toyyib concept which means wholesome and good.
How to re-heat it?
Microwave Oven Cooking Instruction for 800W and 1200 W
1) Remove tray from carton, place in microwave oven. [Meal's self-venting, do not puncture]
2) Microwave on HIGH 4 minutes (800W) or 3 minutes (1200W)
3) Peel back plastic, stir thoroughly.
4) Replace plastic, microwave on HIGH for further 1 minutes or until cooked through.
5) Remove plastic, stir, rest for 1 minutes to cool, then serve.

Simple and Easy!
But for me, I don't have microwave here. I move all the frozen meal into my ZEBRA container and steamed it for 20minutes or until cooked through in rice cooker.
Mughlai Chicken Biryani
 A regal Cuisine; Mughlai Chicken Briyani is known for its richness and wonderful aroma highlighted in the use of exotic spices, raisins and cashew nuts.
Beef Stroganoff with Brown Rice Pilaf
A classic Russian cuisine of lean beef strips sauteed & served in a light cream sauce with mustard, onions & white mushroom slices. Served with healthy Brown Rice Pilaf.
Butter Rice Pilaf and Beef Keema Masala
Healthy brown rice cooked in melted butter, chicken broth with the beautiful aroma of thyme leaves and aniseed. While that, Beef Keema Masala is a popular ground beef cuisine of the Pakistanis & North Indians cooked with a host of aromatic spices & green peas. Perfect accompaniment for bread, paratha or naan.

Besides this four dishes, they do have various healthy choices list down here too:
Chef Florence
Ayam Pongteh
Ikan Gerang Assam
Kari Ayam Nyonya

Dato Chef Ismail
Ayam Kalio
Semur Daging Betawi
Gulai Udang Serai

Chef Zam
Beef Straganoff
Cape Malay Curry
Chicken Spaghettini

Chef Liza
Chicken Makhani
Beef Keema Masala
Mughlai Chicken Biryani

Everyone Can Cook

Toll Free :  1-800-88-2433 (CHEF)
Email : mychef.readymeals@gmail.com

Website : My Chef

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  1. if not mistaken i think i saw a shop selling this in Jaya 33 or some where near there

  2. @smallkucing Yup.. they do this on rack at Jaya Grocery... Try its..

  3. hehe...beer stroganoff or beef stroganoff:P

    these meals are great convenient meals. but i still prefer going out for meals and would buy these to keep at home for emergency lazy to cook or go out.

    which is your favourite? i think i'll want to get the biryani:D

  4. ho ho ho.. this is emergency kit then!! ^_^.v.. I like.. :-p

  5. Anonymous11:01 am

    This is really convenient...I do hope they will be selling it in other supermarkets as well...

  6. @missyblurkit sorry..typo.. haha.. going out for meals for sure.. just keep it as emergency like raining day.. All is my favourite, no particular one..

    @aki wohoo.. get this in your fridge before end of the world.. haha

    @melissa Well.. from now they selling in Jaya Grocery, soon will extend to other supermarket..

  7. Wow. U get to review even food! =D

  8. @SherriePui Well.. i did quite number of review on food.. You are welcome to view my previous post..

  9. I must say these are really good for those who don't cook. I use these type of frozen food when I'm lazy too. Save a lot of time :)

    The brand offers quite a nice variety of choices. Nice review!

  10. @blackswan Ya.. this brand is special made from Malaysia favourite chef!

  11. Woww nowadays every food could really happens in frozen and it also could be ready to served in short time.

  12. @:: - LoLLy - :: Ya.. Same concept like instant noodles.. But, its was so convenient for busy person..