Wednesday 2 November 2011

Nagomi 心晴 Shabu Shabu Buffet @ Menara Hap Seng, KL

Nagomi 心晴 Shabu Shabu Buffet @ Menara Hap Seng

Nagomi is a Japanese restaurant that serves authentic Japanese cuisine at affordable prices and high quality food. Currently known as Nagomi Japanese Restaurant, they offer a wide variety of Japanese cuisine in their new menu. Not long ago on the last week, they launch another attractive meal on Nagomi Menara Hap Seng, Shabu Shabu buffet. They just starting their Shabu Shabu Buffet on last week 24th Oct 2011. Their Shabu Shabu Buffet has over 80 choices!! Quite affordable price you can get.

With its interior design of contemporary Japanese style, it brings a modern, yet classic mood to the already cozy atmosphere.
Street view while dining.
Well-partitioned areas and VIP rooms are also available, making it suitable for business meetings and other formal or casual dinners with family and friends.The exquisite and elegant dining with intimate surrounding and total privacy.

 Ocha drinks for RM3 and is refillable. Other beverage may refer to menu.
This three are soup paste : (from left) Ginger, Toban Miso and Kimuchi. You may add to the Nagomi soup (original soup) for extra flavors. I try all of this, I like the Ginger soup paste very much. Its taste like Tomyam soup and its open up my appetite for my entire buffet hour.
They have variety of Japanese sauce too from Goma sauce, Ponzu, Wafu Dressing ,Shoyu Dressing and etc
Let begin with their shabu shabu buffet item. Well, Nagomi emphasize using fresh seafood on their buffet item, where you can find major of the food are prepare from fresh fish, live lobster (seasonal), salmon (serve during happy hour only), sushi, prawn and sashimi, tempura

They have unlimited supply for sliced lamb shoulder, duck, beef and chicken for your better shabu shabu experience.

Fresh seafood bucket
They served salmon only on 1 hour's happy hour during entire buffet period. I found the cut of salmon is great for sashimi or even shabu-shabu. FRESH!
I read a statement on chopstick envelope, there state that their vegetable actually was soaked for 20 minutes in icy salt water before served in on deck. They promise that all vegetable are safe to consume. LIKE this! Some of that, they serve quite number of choice of vegetable, promoting on healthy lifestyle.

de-freeze seafood in line.

My lovely sliced of beef, lamb shoulder and chicken for my shabu-shabu experience.
Look tempting right!

For an ending, i strongly recommend here for shabu-shabu, because of the fresh seafood and the atmosphere. I definitely will return here for shabu-shabu again, because i am craving for this big big prawn now!

Promotion price : RM32.80++
Children aged 5 – 12 RM18.80++
(Parking in Menara Hap seng is at flat rate of RM3 after 5pm, Sat,Sun & PH)

Address : Nagomi 心晴 Shabu Shabu Buffet, Menara Hap Seng
Suite 1-19, 1st Floor, The Podium
Menara Hap Seng (Formerly Mui Plaza)
Jalan P. Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur
GPS : N03 09.176' E101 42.453'

Business Hours: Weekdays Dinner (6.00pm – 10.00pm)
Sat,Sun & Public Holidays – Lunch (12.00pm – 2.30pm) and Dinner (6.00pm – 10.00pm)
Tel : 03-2141 6332

Branch at Jaya 33, Ground Floor  Tel : 03-79652330

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  1. eee... your camera color is better than mine! *envy*

  2. @fish impossible.. Your's one is DSLR ler.. mine is compact only..

  3. that's quite a lot of food available... value for money

  4. @quirky Ya, the promotion price is attractive d.. GOOD!

  5. shabu-shabu the beef meat! hahah I miss the taste of it. Make the meat swin in the hot soup for 20+ min and the taste is dam fine!

  6. @kianfai Agree u too.. The taste of shabu shabu never ending one.. keke

  7. very good selection for a reasonable price. yummeh. and its so near my office..i really wouldn't mind going there for dinner.

    kian fai: swim for 20 minutes of 20 seconds? 20 minutes beef becomes rubber:P

  8. @missyblurkit Currently, they are promoting their shabu shabu at this price. Is really affordable! I like their seafood and sliced of meat!

    >>kianfai he worry about bacteria and virus stick on the meat, so he prefer let it swim for 20minutes to perfect cooked.

  9. @isaac Super Yummy! but too bad u miss out their seafood.. Really fresh seafood!

  10. yummy! i want to have some on these rainy days!

  11. @merryn Having this on a cold weather is extremely good.. Warm our body and have nice nice seafood here.. good!

  12. 4rd review I read >.< How can I resist as a shabu-shabu fan!

  13. but i dunno how to control my dslr i guess =/

  14. @choiyen No more reading on review.. Just go and had it yourself.. keke

  15. Wow those prices really are very attractive!!!
    Lol I'm jealous!! Your pictures are getting me so hungry...

  16. @fish U should learn more about DSLR... get some advise from fren too if u feel your pics not good.. haha..

  17. @punk Thanks.. U need to cure your taste bugs with this soon... haha..