Thursday, 17 November 2011

HK How Kee Seafood Village 豪记海鲜村 @ Bukit Tambun, Penang

HK How Kee Seafood Village 豪记海鲜村 @ Bukit Tambun

Lately, i am so serious craving or mad on having seafood. The place where usually people talk about seafood was at Japanese restaurant, which there served raw fish. But i want something seafood cook in Chinese way; Steamed, fried, roasted, stewed, fried and fried. That's why, i going back to my hometown to cure my sickness of seafood. I found myself still love the seafood taste in my own hometown style. And I prefer having seafood meal only with my family, because of no restricted on proper dining manners,especially eating crab with naked hand is much convenient, taste than eating with "clean" way. This time, i roll my mind on this restaurant which served really good baked crab, and steamed Lala in lime soup. Yum Yum!!

Boiled Octopus  RM12
Steamed Lala in Lime  RM15
Fried Noodle   RM12
Golden Mantis Shrimp   RM12
Gulai Prawn in Bamboo   RM33 
Curry Shark with Liver  RM24 
Baked Giant Crab   RM81.60

Address : HK How Kee Seafood Village 豪记海鲜村
1617, Main Road, Bukit Tambun,
14110 Simpang Ampat, SPS, Penang
GPS : N05 16.348'  E100 27.013'
(Right in front of Fish Village Seafood restaurant) 

Business Hour : 11am - 11pm
Tel : 04-5882736/ 012-5671871

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  1. wahh the giant crab is really super gigantic! *like*!

  2. @fish Haha.. is fat and juicy in mouth.. Yum Yum!!

  3. Wow! I want those crabs! Yum!

  4. After yr series of Pg & SP food post, I find myself wanting to go back right now!!

    I already put this place as my list of to-visit-place when I go back home... ;0)

  5. @foongpc Crab look tempting rite? hehe.. more crab coming on post.. stay tune..

    @fooddream Haha.. When is your last time back Penang har? More food post on PG SP post.. Stay tune.. keke

  6. Feeling hungry alrdy! I love seafood :D

  7. @hilda Ops.. Is late now.. No more seafood selling.. Hope on next afternoon, hunt for seafood!

  8. @hilda Opps.. Late now, no more seafood on street.. Maybe next afternoon, probably for lunch time.. keke

  9. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Steamed Lala in Lime looks so savoury le... ^^

  10. 'boiled' and 'steam' style of cooking really prove how fresh it is. is it? :p

  11. Wahh all my favourite food, yummy ~ I tried the Boiled Octopus in Penang before, not bad ~


  12. @Melissa I like its.. Very juicy and fat lala on plate.. great!

    @JYtan Yup.. Sure.. if it not fresh, must put alot of flavour to reduce its bad smell or even fried it..

    @lolly Haha.. look like alot ppl love that.. Not bad, other seafood also GOOD

  13. i want the crab. looks awesome!

    that's Penang...plenty of all sorts of yummy food. simply amazing!

  14. @missyblurkit More crab for you soon.. Stay tune.. hehe.. This time Penang food more and more.. Keep craving.. wohoo

  15. I love mantis shrimp! Yums! The octopus ... err....

  16. @merryn u not likethe boiled octopus ar? Its was nice one in fresh.. i love seafood!

  17. Thanks for the info I visited How Kee Seafood! Foood Is Fantastic! and cheap

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