Monday, 14 November 2011

Restaurant Thai Baiyok @ The Heritage Club, Penang

Restaurant Thai Baiyok @ The Heritage Club, Penang

When is my last time having Thai food? I think there were quite some time ago or even history on that. Thai food on my view is spicy, spicy and spicy, even its look white and is spicy too. But, its doesn't make me stop to eat Thai food. Before this, let me show off you some of my Thai which i just learnt it few months ago. Kop Khun Ka! Phom Kin Aahaan Thai. ^^
 @ The Heritage Club, Penang
Don't have to a worry over the hassle of parking as there are ample free parking lots.

Well on this post, i will bring you to this "Authentic Thai food" Thai Baiyok Restaurant at Jalan Scotland, Penang.  This place is well famous among all Thai restaurant in Penang. Some said Number 1 in their list. Let me figure out for you why?
Moreover, they offer the finest Thai cuisine which are pork-free and prepared from the very best selected ingredients including fresh herbs, spices and exotic vegetables.
Beside this, they have a special VIP room equipped with a projector screen which an ideal place to hold meetings. Sometimes, they also cater for in-house private functions. Free Wi-Fi at this restaurant.

Watermelon Juice   RM6.50
Apple Juice              RM6.50
Orange Juice           RM6.50
Lemongrass (hot)  RM1.50
Ice lemon Tea         RM5.00
Ice Milo              RM4
Ice Cappuccino       RM7.50
Hot Cappuccino      RM6.50

Come to main point. Their experienced Thai chefs pride themselves in their culinary skills that will satisfy even the most discerning palate and food connoisseur. In short, the Thai Baiyok menu is all about choice, flavors, quality and presentation, where every dish served is guaranteed an 'Authentic Thai food' experience - a true taste of Thailand, The Land of Smile.
Miang Pla Kraphong  RM18 (Large)  RM12 (Small)
Traditional appertiser-deep-fried seabass cubes, condiments and sweetener wrap with wild betel leaves (daun kaduk)
Eat with empty hand. Such a great opportunity taste better of this appetizer. I like this very much especially in Thai dine. Its make play a role of ready myself for following spicy food.
Goong Khai Daeng RM18 (large) RM12 (small)
(Finger food- deep-fried bread with prawn and salted egg)

This is one of the must-order menu. The bread is crunchy and the egg yolk are prefect match with the prawn. 
Kai Yang  RM18 (large) RM12 (small)
(B.B.Q. chicken with dipping sauce)

Another recommend menu is this BBQ chicken. When its served on table, i can feel its strong BBQ aromatic and calling me to eat its. If dipping on their custom-made sauce, its taste become very outstanding.
Pla Rad Makhaam  RM45
(Deep-fried Siakap fish topped with tamarind sauce)

The fish is very fresh. Although its being deep-fried, its still remain the freshness of fish. The chef is experiences is well care of the timing of deep-fried and skillful.
Pla Meuk Neung Manao   RM25 (large) RM 18 (small)
(Squid steamed with lime juice)

And, almost all my meal will having squid on top if I able to found it. I love fresh squid very much. And this one of course is great. But, too bad i not able to have more, its much more spicy as I thought. The spicy level can be adjust when order.
Goong Choo Chii   (RM5/each)
(Deep-fried prawn topped with 'Choo Chii' sauce)

One of the special dish on table. Its very similar to Taiwanese dish (prawn with onion paste) which i taste before. Its sauce bring out the freshness of the prawn. Awesome. And, I will back for this again.
Hor Mok Talay   RM32 (large) RM16 (small)
(Seafood 'Otak-Otak')

The otak-otak is very very rich of ingredient. Every spoon will have either fish slices, prawn and fish paste. super-like and its was not spicy. Haha *The swan on plate is just for photography purpose.
Yum Yok Maphrau  RM15
(Coconut shoot salad)

One of the popular Thai salad. Its can be snack or vegetable on the menu. On my own view, its better to be served in snack menu. Eat this and chat with friends, and its take time to finish this. Haha.
Tom Yam Talay  RM35 (family) RM18 (small) RM25 (big)
(Seafood Tomyam)

This soups sparkle with chili and lemongrass and curries are rich with aromatic and spicy taste. Its better to eat this with white rice. I surely will have two bowl of rice on this.
Brogcoli Phat Kapit  RM12 (large) RM9 (small)
(Brocolli stir-fried with thai belacan)
Thap Thim Krop  (RM4.50 each)
(Water chestnut and jackfruit in coconut milk)

The dessert is mixture of jack-fruit, coconut and other. Its very popular in Thailand. I prefer eat this on cold. Its can reduce spicy on your mouth. aroi mak mak!

Address : Restaurant Thai Baiyok
2, Jalan Scotland, Georgetown
10450 Penang, Malaysia
GPS : N05 25.167'  E100 18.263'
(on same building with The Heritage Club, opposite Penang Sports Club)

Bussiness Hour : 11.30am to 10pm (Open to public daily)
Tel : 04-227 8308 / 016-478 4090

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  1. Yummy! I love Thai food!

  2. @foongpc U love spicy food? If love then will like this alot..

  3. Anonymous9:29 am

    Is it too spicy? All the food seems nice..

  4. @junwu88 Some of its is spicy.. But overall is great..

  5. woahh...looks nice...especially the bbq chicken

  6. @eric High5! same thought with you.. I like their BBQ chicken! Strong Aromatic!

  7. I didnt know there is a Thai restaurant here so now I have to go back to Pg to try this...

    I cannot decide which one looks better cos every dish looked soooooo delicious!!

  8. @fooddream Haha.. Must try.. I also didnt know this restaurant is hidden in the club house d.. And all the dish is YUM, if u can have hot and spicy stuff..

  9. wa pun ai jiak.. ahaha

  10. @isaac Go Go.. Have Thai food!

  11. Looks delicious!makes me hungry :"(

  12. @eencyweency Sorry, my pics fault.. Haha.. Nearly lunch time.. Head for something great food..

  13. wow all the dishes are so beautiful! must have taste very good :)

  14. @fish As ur wish, all the dished on plate is not only good looking but is taste as nice as it present..

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