Saturday 5 November 2011

Sawadee Thai Seafood Restaurant @ Jalan Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Sawadee Thai Seafood Restaurant @ Jalan Pantai Cenang

At Langkawi, i found another truly Thai cuisine which cooked by Thailand Chef. The food is excellent and most the food can be adjusted the spicy level which suit your own taste. I like this kind of recommendation, most the Thai restaurant served only according their chef spicy level, which i think is not really work for all people. For me, i like moderate spicy for all dish, dislike extreme spicy dish only cause you don't have the appetite to continue for more other food. I strongly recommend this to all, because of the affordable price and the delicious food. 

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice  RM5
White Tom Yam Seafood Soup  RM18
Golden Spiced Scallop  RM18

Address : Sawadee Thai Seafood Restaurant 
Jalan Pantai Tengah, Mukim Kedawang
07000 Langkawi
GPS: N06 17.038'  E099 43.829'

Tel : 04-9555736

Business Hour : 12pm - 12am

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  1. I love Thai food! But it's hard to find authentic Thai food in Malaysia. Oh so you can adjust the spiciness level? Cool : )

  2. Its definitely cool that the spiciness can be adapted so that the diners can enjoy their meal. Its quite pitiful to see some people wanting to eat Thai but sweat through their entire meal or drink water none stop to stop the burning tongue.

    Food is reasonably priced too. Good recommendation Nikel!

  3. yum, how is this one compared to the wan thai restaurant in Langkawi?

  4. @foongpc Yup.. I agree that too.. Authentic thai food in Malaysia is Rare.. Ya.. adjust spicy level to your like

    @missblurkit Haha.. Very good. This is just depending on the diner, some diner prefer spicy and sweat all-time, some diner gentle one prefer not too spicy for their image.. LIKE me.. haha

    @issac Sorry, i never try that restaurant yet another.. hehe

  5. i would love this but so far thai isnt my taste anyway

  6. @fish Thai food something is good for sweat during hot weather.. Quite interesting after sweat for spicy.. feel comfort after that

  7. We went to the same place yesterday. We ordered fried rice for RM 6.50 as showing on the menu. We've been waiting for 30 min for 2 small fried rice, 1 mango salad, 2 Chinese tea n 1 lime juice. Total price 40.70 & they are charging RM9 for each fried rice & the owner claimed the RM6.50 is old menu. Bad experience

    1. @julient sorry to hear about your case.

  8. Sawadee sounds veey Thai. But the taaste of food at this restaurant is more Chinese than Thai. I complaint to the staff and she admitted that the cooking here is more chinese than Thai. Dont come here if you are looking for real Thai food.